9 Benedict Cumberbatch Performances That Will Never Get Old!

9 Benedict Cumberbatch Performances That Will Never Get Old!

Benedict Cumberbatch has proved to be the best time and again. From playing one of his most challenging roles in ‘Hawking’ to being one of the Avengers, he is loved by people of all age groups. Also to quote Poo from K3G, he is the master of good looks, good looks and good looks! When MG motors, India, announced a recent collaboration with him, we wanted to go down the memory lane and list down 9 of his best roles so far. Read on so that you too can enjoy binge watching this handsome and talented man for hours!

1. Avengers: Infinity War

Cumberbatch took on the role of Dr. Stephen Strange saving the world along with the rest of the Avengers. Watch this movie if you there is mystique missing in your life. Also low key, the salt and pepper looks are really growing on us!

Benedict Cumberbatch Roles That Definitely Never Get Old 1

2. Doctor Strange

Well, before he joined forces with the Avengers battling Thanos, he was a super famous surgeon who found himself in a time warp. In 2008, Doctor Strange was ranked 83rd in Wizard's "200 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time" list. You gotta know a guy’s backstory.

3. 12 Years A Slave

A 2013 period drama film, 12 Years A Slave is based on an incredible true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom. You will see him in a very different role and definitely reflecting his kind persona on screen.

4. Hawking

Hawking is one of Cumberbatch’s most challenging roles and if you haven’t seen this brilliant piece of cinema, then please queue it up for the weekend! A BBC television film about Stephen Hawking's early years as a PhD student at Cambridge University, this movie is all about his struggle against the motor neuron disease.

Benedict Cumberbatch Roles That Definitely Never Get Old 2

5. The Hobbit

Based on a 1937 novel, The Hobbit, this movie has been made in three parts. The series was one of the highest-grossing film series of all time and earned more money than The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sounds like a must-watch, right?

6. Wreckers

A movie with a very promising plot that is an amalgamation of a classic horror movie and a psychological thriller. However, you will also get to see Benedict in a very different role romancing Claire Foy. This movie will definitely be the best bet on a date night with bae!

7. Star Trek Into Darkness

A movie that will get your attention in the first go and will keep you hooked till the very end. Cumberbatch plays a sharply-dressed one-man army by the character named John Harrison whose need for vengeance makes him unstoppable. The story and plot are solid and this movie is one hell of an entertainer.

Benedict Cumberbatch Roles That Definitely Never Get Old 3

8. The Imitation Game

Going back to the World War 2 era, a real-life story of legendary Alan Turing, this film portrays the race against time by Turing and his brilliant team during the darkest days of war.

9. Sherlock

Well, who doesn’t know Sherlock and his shenanigans? One of the most popular TV series which was one of a kind and has bragged countless awards. This is one series that should be on your must-watch list no matter what. Brace yourself to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a completely different avatar!

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