8 Real Women Reveal What They Are Really Thinking About During Sex!

8 Real Women Reveal What They Are Really Thinking About During Sex!

Sex is great, let’s just put it out there! However, sometimes it can get a li’l mundane. Guys, I said sometimes! When you’re just not feeling it or you can’t seem to get out of your head, it’s completely okay to be having sex and still be in some other world. Don’t believe us? We asked eight real women to reveal their dirty secrets about what they’re actually thinking about while they’re in bed.

Time utilization is not a bad thing

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Most of the time I love sex, actually it depends on the partner. But when someone is particularly boring, my mind does tend to wander. I’m a super organised person and have lists about everything. Sometimes I can’t help but think about what’s been ticked off my list and what hasn’t. C’mon that’s not so bad - utilizing time, that’s all!

-Gauri Agarwal

Food glorious food

It entirely depends on the situation. There are times when the sex is so good that my mind is completely contained in the moment. Nothing matters except the things that are happening in the room. However, I do remember (quite) a few times with my ex when I found myself thinking about what my plan for the rest of the day was. And one particular incident when I thought ‘Okay, I’m done. Can we stop and get some food now?’. I guess now I know why it was so easy to move on after that break-up. *wink*

-Sania Kapoor

Looks, looks and looks

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Though there are countless things that come into my mind every time I am having sex, one thought that is constant is- I wonder how I am looking right now. Or to be precise, I wonder how it looks like down there right now!

- Kanika Garg

Performance pressure

There are a lot of things that come to my mind during sex. Some, good. Some, really whacky! Thoughts like - “does he think I'm good?” or “do I smell okay” occur most of the times. However, when the sex is really really good, my mind is absolutely blank. And I know that is a good (read: great) thing! *wink*

-Ambika Anand

Kinda conscious

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I’m super conscious while having sex and it really plays on my mind. I’m always wondering what I’m looking like and if my double chin is being accentuated because I’m lying down. For me, it’s more about all of that than the actual act.

- Harpreet K. Kang

Add some spice into the bedroom

When it’s REALLY good and you know what I mean when I say mind blowing good, I have nothing on my mind. I’m just in it for the act and that’s great. But unfortunately it’s not always that good, that’s when I think of random things under the sun. I wonder if what I’m doing is good enough, if I should try something different or experimental to spice it up. I’m always trying to take the tempo up.

- Tara Sampat

Trouble in paradise

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I just got dumped by my boyfriend a month ago and have been on a dating app spree ever since. I do miss him sometimes but when I’m having sex with a stranger it increases a whole lot because they’re still figuring out what I like whereas he knew exactly what I liked, the points, the movements, the positions, everything. Sometimes when I’m having sex I think of him. That sounds so horrible, but it's an honest confession!

- Nainika Dasgupta

Not multiple orgasms but multiple checklists

I'm a very distracted person and my mind is always wandering, so it's no surprise that I end up having the weirdest thoughts even when I'm having sex. I once dated a guy who was more than a little unsatisfactory in the 'O' department and I remember wondering if it would be emasculating if I brought out my vibrator. Through the one year we dated, I've made grocery lists, planned my outfits, chalked up reasons to dump him and thought about what to say to my mother while we've had sex. I'm a terrible person, no?

- Sara Khan

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