5 Fashion Stereotypes That Every Girl Needs To Stop Believing

5 Fashion Stereotypes That Every Girl Needs To Stop Believing

For the longest time, we have been told there are “rules” to fashion. That there are some things that people can wear and some that they shouldn’t. But then we are also told that fashion is for the bold and the brave and the best way to express yourself. Ladies, while you listen to it all, you need to remember you dress for one SUPER important person, and that person is YOU! So we rounded up some fashion stereotypes and myths that we are so over, and you should be too.

1. Dusky women, stay away from bright colours


When fashion rules are dictated, sometimes they seep into our fashion decisions. We have this inner dialogue where we are unsure if something will look good or not. Let go of those inhibitions just wear your colour proudly. A lot of dusky women and women of colour are rocking some pretty amazing colours and looking stunning in them (Hello! Lupita Nyongo).

2. Larger prints suit larger women and smaller prints are for the petite women

Seriously, we need to step away from the thought that your body type dictates what you can and can’t wear. The only thing that should dictate what you wear is your own comfort. If a print looks great, it will look great on any canvas regardless of the size.

3. Crop tops are for thin women


Yes, body types and your personal comfort is important when you dress but not what someone else says. Whatever might be your build, if you want to rock a crop top, you do it. If you want to experiment with the look and ease into the skin show, start with wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt or pants. That will help!

4. High heels look more sophisticated than flats

You can’t discount the amazing things that high heels does for your posture, but why diss the flats? Your posture gets a boost with heels, yes, but you can have the same posture with flats and even barefoot.

5. Do not mix prints


Too many prints make a visual too busy; have you heard that one before? While mixing prints has been big on the big fashion circuits and street style, there are still people who are a little sceptical about mixing prints. Contrast is the name of the game. Prints do go together and you can definitely have more than one print as a part of your ensemble. Bring out the stripes and polka dots together, don’t let anything stop you!

Ladies, no one can tell you what you should wear and shouldn’t wear. Max fashion supports this sentiment with their groundbreaking campaign that reiterates the sentiment by telling every woman out there, whatever you want, whoever you are, Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen! We absolutely love that someone finally decided to speak up and break not just stereotypes but to remind women that no one else can dictate what they wear. So girls, make your own statement, shop now on Max Fashion.

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