40 Thoughts I Bet EVERYONE Has While Travelling In A Delhi Metro

40 Thoughts I Bet EVERYONE Has While Travelling In A Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro is nothing less than a blessing in disguise for all those travelling to and fro distant places and wish to reach their destination on time. Although there are several boons to this fortunate means of transport, NOT getting stuck in road traffic and facing pollution remains some of its best advantages. The journey of a daily metro commuter may become mundane after some time but it will surely, remain an interesting one. So, here are some of the 40 thoughts that are bound to pop up in your mind at least once while travelling in a Delhi Metro:

1. Oh no. There's no seat, AGAIN! Why does everyone board the metro exactly at the same time as I do?

2. Look at those early birds sitting oh-so-comfortably in their seats and staring right at me. Are they trying to show-off? Okay, I need to chill.

3. I wish I was a senior citizen. Maybe, then someone would have given me their seat. Life can be so unfair. *sighs*

4. I've decided. I will start super early tomorrow and grab a seat before anyone else can! (But first - I'll need to wake up)

5. Okay, it's time to hear some music. Great, my earphones are just as entangled as my life. Why does this always happen to me?

6. Yay! It's done. I was over-reacting for no reason. Now, let's pump up some volume and groove to the beats of Coldplay.

7. Why is everyone looking at me? Is my volume too high? Even if it is, I don't care.

8. Okay, this song is too good. I feel like dancing. I need to control my feet.

9. Wait. What just happened? Where did all this crowd come from? C'mon guys, give me some space to stand (and breathe) at least.

10. Ouch. Someone just stepped on my foot. Get away from me before I kill you.

11. Aw, those buddies seem to be having so much fun. I wish my best friend was here. I miss her now.

12. I need a seat, ASAP. My feet are killing me!

13. It's time to keep an eye open. Doesn't anyone feel like getting off? 

14. Okay, I see that girl rearranging some things in her bag. YES! She took out her metro card. She's getting off!

15. No no, don't get up already. Wait for me... I'm coming. Damn. Someone took that seat already. Apna Time Ayega!

16. Okay, is it just me or its starting to get hot in here? Why am I sweating despite being in AC transport?

17. Why are there so many people around? There's hardly any space for even air to pass, let alone humans.

18. Wow, this view looks nice. Life is so beautiful. Should I contemplate everything that's going on with me lately? 

19. This calls for some Arjit Singh and Ed Sheeran kinda music! It's time to slow things down.

20. I was not talking to you, metro. Why did you have to stop? I'm already so late. Ugh, I hate it when it gets stuck.

21. Wait. Do I see someone getting up from their seat? Ah! It's too far. Forget it.

22. Okay, the couple next to me is becoming all mushy now. Save some PDA for later, peeps.

23. Let's check how many stations are left. One, two, three, four, five... and if every station takes 2-5 minutes each... okay, I'm too lazy for calculations right now. I know it'll take me a while to reach.

24. Why do these aunties keep staring at me? Maybe, they want to know where I bought my outfit from.

25. The Gods of Metro have FINALLY, blessed me!! I HAVE A SEAT. Am I dreaming? 

26. Ah, this feeling of being comfortably seated! I will never take this for granted again. 

27. Would it be weird if I just doze off to sleep? No, I shouldn't. I'll probably start snoring.

38. Oh! I just got a text. I should check it out. Especially, since this creepy person sitting right next to me seems more interested in it than I am.

29. Wait, do I smell chocolate? And aloo paranthas? Oh god, why do people eat in the metro? It's making me hungry, guys. Just staaaaap.

30. And someone just decided to stand RIGHT in front of me. Great! A view of your tummy is all I needed. Thanks.

31. It's okay, I'll watch Netflix for some time. It'll help me pass my time quickly.

32. Oh god, here come the 'Shifters'. I'm literally hearing 'Please shift' from every possible corner. Don't ask me to shift, don't ask me to shift... Don't. Ugh. I have no option. 

33. What makes them think they can fit themselves in such a tiny space? Even a kid wouldn't attempt to do that.

34. I should have spread my legs apart a little more so that it seemed like I occupied enough space. Yes, you need to be that cunning!

35. Now, I can't even watch a show peacefully without any privacy. Dekhlo, dekhlo, aap hi dekhlo.

36. These aunties are legit gossip-mongers. From their husbands' cranky habits to their favourite washing powder, I think I got to know them a little too well.

37. Oh god, a baby just started crying. Thanks for venting it out for me, little fella. 

38. I smell something icky. Why doesn't anyone put deodorant?

39. I'm a little worried about those people sitting on the floor. What if they fall out when the door opens?

40. My station is near. But I'm not leaving this seat till the very last moment. After all, I've EARNED it.

So, did these thoughts bring any quirky memories to your mind?

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