24 *Ridiculous* Things We All Believed While Watching Bollywood Movies As A Kid!

24 *Ridiculous* Things We All Believed While Watching Bollywood Movies As A Kid!

As a child, I was constantly bitten by the addictive little love-bug of Bollywood - so much so that my family believed that main toh paida hi *filmy* hui thi. Needless to say, my childhood was spent crushing on celebrities who were way out of my league and imagining dreamy scenarios which were too impossible for real life. I still remember the way I'd watch my favourite SRK movies on repeat, dance excitedly to the songs whilst imagining myself as the leading lady and proudly use their dialogues as if they were mine. Someday, I had even wished to find my own Raj/Rahul with a love story which oozed of drama, comedy, action and a perfect amount of emotions.

In short - I wanted my life to be a full-fledged Bollywood classic! But today, as I find myself engaging in the guilty pleasure of re-watching some of these movies, I can't help but cringe over everything that I had once believed. Don't get me wrong - I'm still a sucker for old-school romance and enjoy a good comedy. But the movies that I loved watching as a kid now either make me want to gouge my eyes out or roll-over-the-floor laughing! And I'm sure I'm not the only one, am I? 

Read on to find some of these ridiculously over-the-top situations we all grew up believing while watching our favourite Bollywood movies as a kid: 

1. "Ladka Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Ho Sakte". And hence, every friendship with a guy was capable of turning into a romantic love affair.

2. "Tumse milne pe jaana pyaar ka asli matlab". All it takes is one *different* woman to change a playboy's perspective on relationships and make him 'fall in love'.

3. "Pehle takraar, fir ikraar". You'll always end up falling madly in love with the same guy whom you found annoying in the beginning.

4. If two people are poles apart - in ideals, mindset, likes/dislikes - it's obvious that they'll end up together. Duh!

5. It only takes a MOMENT for your parents to have a change of heart regarding your choice of partner.

6. If you're a tomboy, guys will only see you as their best friend and treat you as one of their 'bros'.

7. A 'makeover' from a western to ethnic attire with some jewellery and open hair is enough to make a guy fall in love with you.

8. Every hot girl would have two best friends, following her around like a puppy and praising her all day.

9. Persistence is key. If you refuse to date some guy, it's okay for him to stalk you, sing/dance for you in public and do everything to make you love him.

10. Your teacher will help you get into serious relationships and find excuses to party together.

11. There will always be an 'another woman' or a hotter best friend who will charm him before you.

12. If you wear specs, you'll be a rude and boring introvert with no fun life.

13. And if you take off your specs, your entire personality will change in a jiffy!

14. You can start dancing anytime and anywhere - chances are, everyone around you would join in with synchronised choreography! 

15. A whiff of windy air will make your hair blow perfectly and make you look prettier.

16. The sole purpose of your dupatta is to get stuck in a guy's shirt, just to work its magic!

17. You will seem *high* 24X7 and dance with everyone (even the goons) on the streets if you're in love.

18. You need some romance in the rain if you want to realise how much you *really* love your partner.

19. Your immunity strengthens, automatically, when you're in love. So, you won't fall sick while dancing without sweaters in freezing temperatures.

20. If he belongs to an ultra-rich family, it's imperative that he goes against his family's wishes and marries a middle-class girl. Bol diya na? Bus, bol diya.

21. Among two sisters, one will always be a simple, bahu material and the other, a style diva. You can't be both, nah-uh!

22. It's okay if you're running late for a train. There will always be some handsome stranger, ready to stretch out his hand and pull you onboard.

23. Don't worry about your hero getting beaten up. He will miraculously gain hulk-like powers to beat the shit outta guys JUST when they think he's dead.

24. There will always, always, ALWAYS be a happy ending! Irrespective of what you guys went through - you'll solve everything, convince everyone, marry him and live 'happily-ever-after' on a bed full of roses.

Feeling nostalgic, yet? So are we! But thankfully, a little grown-up as well.

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