22 Thoughts You Have When You Meet Your In-Laws For The First Time!

22 Thoughts You Have When You Meet Your In-Laws For The First Time!

OMG! It's finally happened, your boyfriend has popped the big question and you've had a detailed conversation about spending your whole life together. If you thought the main hurdles were done, we're here to give you a disclaimer- picture abhi baaki hai mere dost

The real task starts when you've to meet his parents and boy, is there pressure to make the perfect first impression! Ladies, it's totally normal if you're getting heart palpitations just thinking about it. Here are 22 thoughts EVERY girl has when she's meeting his parents aka her future in-laws for the first time!

1. 'OMG! I hope they like what I'm wearing. I took so freaking long to decide what to wear.'

2. 'Oh crap! I think I should have gone with the pink dressit was more subtle. This orange seems a little too out there.'


3. 'How do I greet them? Should I say 'Namaste' or should I say hello aunty and uncle?! Jyaada formal toh nahi ho jayega!?'

4. 'Ohhhh! Should I have touched their feet? Can't believe I forgot to do that!'


5. 'His mom is totally checking me out. Is that good or bad? What if she thinks my makeup is too much!?'

6. 'Uff, his dad hasn't looked at me even once. I think he's thinking about finding some other girl for him.'


7. 'I hope my nervousness isn't showing on my face.'

8. 'Should I order for myself or are they going to order?'


9. 'I don't think they like the restaurant we picked, I was telling him to let his parents pick a place.'

10. 'O-K-A-Y. This is awkward!'


11. 'No one is saying anything, should I start a conversation?!'

12. 'Should I talk to his parents about work or my house?!'


13. 'What should I say about my family?'

14. 'Arghhhh! This is feeling more stressful than my first job interview!'

giphy %2816%29

15. 'Should I bond with his mom over his annoying habits or will she find me super rude!?'

16. 'I think they should start telling me baby stories of him, that's the best way to break the ice.'

giphy %2814%29

17. 'Oh God, I wish I had waited for this. I'm so not ready. Is it too late to abort this mission!?'

18. 'I have a feeling that his dad and mine are really going to get along. They are so damn similar!'

giphy %2817%29

19. 'His parents are so adorable yaa, they've raised him so well.'

20. 'I hope I get along with the family, they adore their elder daughter-in-law, I wish they accept me also as warmly.'

giphy %2815%29

21. 'One second, I hope they don't mind me calling them uncle aunty! (They're not mama-papa yet, fine na?!)'

22. 'Oh God, I'm so nervous, what's their verdict going to be. I'm definitely going to take a detailed report from him about what they said.' 

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