This Is Why Your Gal Pals Are The Solution For Everything

This Is Why Your Gal Pals Are The Solution For Everything

When someone says soulmates, we think of that one person we align our souls with. An unspoken connection that makes everything alright. When Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City talked about her soulmate, I thought that it resonated with me in the best way. She said “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”. Living by this, I feel that no matter what happens, our girlfriends are our go-to people for everything. They’re the 3 am calls when we need them the most and make everything almost okay! Here are 9 more times when our girlfriends will be our best and only solution!

1. When you have a terrible breakup!

A tub of ice-cream, a sappy movie and your girlfriends is all you need when you go through a breakup. They will cry with you, laugh with you and eventually you will forget that anything bad that happened.

Times Your Girlfriends Will Be Your Only Solution 1

2.  When you are having a bad day

Missed the cab? Late to work? Stuck in a jam? Sometimes things just don’t go the way you like which is why you need your girlies to tell you that it’s okay and they’re going through the same.

3. When you want to spend all day doing nothing

Want to spend all day doing nothing? Your bestie is that one person who will stay with you all day in the pyjama and stare at a wall without any aim with you. You know what they say - when you love someone, even staring at a wall becomes easy with them!

4. When you want to spend all day shopping

Feel like doing the opposite? Your girls are the ones who will go out with you for a day full of shopping! They are the only ones who will be okay with multiple trials, confused state of mind and will always be there to give you advice on what to buy or not. Be it a date night or a casual movie night with your friends, your girlfriends know your choices and will help you pick the perfect clothes. So, this Valentine’s day, make it a Galentine’s Day by shopping with your girls from all the Ginger by Lifestyle stores near you!

Times Your Girlfriends Will Be Your Only Solution 2

5. When you’re unwell and want someone to understand

Period pain or a simple headache, your girls will totally understand and will be there you. So, if you need a hug or want to lie down on someone’s lap, your girls will be totally there even if you’re unwell!

6. When you want to rant about the same thing 10 times!

Have a habit of saying the same thing again and again out of anger? No one but your girls will have the patience to deal with listening to the same thing over 10 times! (or more)

7. When you have a date and you’re nervous!

If your girls help you with the outfits, they will help you with all your nervous breakdown when it comes to the real date. They will tell you that you’re the best and will fill you up with a lot of confidence.

times your girlfriends will be your only solition 3

8. When you want to just pick up the phone and say I love you!

Listening to someone say ‘I love you’ is the best thing in the world. So, if you have a girlfriend who will call you up in the middle of the night to tell you that she loves you, you’re the luckiest person on this planet.

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