20 Things Your Boyfriend Says That You Didn't Know Were Actually Sexist AF!

20 Things Your Boyfriend Says That You Didn't Know Were Actually Sexist AF!

When you have been with someone for a long time, the things they say and do start feeling regular, sometimes, even when they are horribly wrong. Think about your parents. At some point, we all have received lectures on not reaching home 'on time' while our brothers had no curfew, to begin with. Now that we are all grown up and capable of deciding what is 'on time' for us, we can finally understand how sexist that was of our parents to treat their children so differently just because one was male and one female! If you have a brother, you know what I mean.

But, to be honest, I can still accept their concern as a parent. The lesson I take from this experience will reflect in how I raise my kids. The sad fact is, our boyfriends also tend to get sexist, if not towards us in particular, towards other women! Most popular targets are our friends, sisters, women on Instagram and, basically, every woman who drives.

Rings a bell? Here are a few classic examples of things our boyfriends say that we didn't know were actually sexist:

1. I don’t understand why these girls with large cars can’t just get a driver!


Because a person's, sorry, a woman's ability to drive is directly proportional to the size of her car.

2. Why isn't this person moving? Aunty chala rahi hogi pakka!

Because, of course, women are bad drivers.

3. Women shouldn't join the military. If they get captured, they can get raped! 

Because women are born with a liability - vagina!

4. Why are you getting so irritated? Are you on your period?


Because that's the reason behind all our emotions - menstruation.

5. Moochhe aayi huyi hain...

Because women are not allowed to have facial hair, amirite?

6. Why are you wearing a skirt? You haven't waxed in so long!

Because women are supposed to be completely hair-less and groomed.

7. Listen, don't worry about the money. I'll take care of it.


Because just like our value in society, our bank balance is also probably low.

8. I bet she got that job because she slept with someone over there. 

Because qualifications can go to hell when you have a vagina.

9. He's so lucky he has a girlfriend who likes football. That's so rare!

Because girls don't understand sports.

10. Girls can't do Maths.


Because numbers are scary.

11. You're not like the other girls.

Because we agreed to go out with you?

12. You're the prettiest of all your friends.

Because being better than other women makes us feel better about ourselves.

13. All my ex-girlfriends are crazy!


Is that a warning, good sir?

14. Gaali mat diya kar! It's not nice for girls to curse.

Because it doesn't 'suit' us.

15. I don't like girls who wear too much makeup.

Because natural beauty is the best and everything else is 'so fake'.

16. I love a girl who can eat.


Because only men can get hungry.

17. Babe, you start getting dressed. I'd still be done before you.

Because women take 'forever' to get dressed.

18. You have slept with *how many* men!?

His number can be 30, but if yours is three, you are THAT kind of a woman!

19. Are you sure you can hold whiskey?


Because every woman likes to drink vodka.

20. Smile

Because all that matters is how a woman looks - part 3.

If you have a Rahul in your life who thinks "Ladkiyan basketball nahi khel sakti" and stuff, we hope you know what to do about it.

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

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