'True' Testimonials To Tell You Why Your Uber Ratings Matter More Than You Think!

'True' Testimonials To Tell You Why Your Uber Ratings Matter More Than You Think!

Uber ratings are known to all, after all, we’re asked to rate every ride we take on the app. This rating gives Uber an idea of our overall experience during the trip, as well as the behaviour of the driver partner we shared it with. As we rate our driver partners, what many of us don’t know is that we’re being rated by them as well!

Yup, that’s right! At the end of every ride, your driver partner gives you a rating just like you give him one. Not only this, the criteria for these ratings are pretty much the same as well. Your behaviour, along with several other factors, are all considered at the end of the trip.
So if you’ve ever been rude to your Uber driver, or left trash in the car, chances are that they’ve taken note of the same and given you the rating you deserve!

As it turns out, these ‘Uber Rider Ratings’ have become a new digital scale to measure how ‘nice’ a person is. Stories of people demanding a high Uber rating for a date, all the way up to job applications (yes, you read that right!) were being circulated online, and like most trends on the internet, Uber Ratings were everywhere!

Don’t believe us? Here are some of these stories shared by popular social media personalities sharing their stories of how their Uber ratings are the reason behind them not being ‘happily married’ or successful millionaires!

1. When your Uber ratings decide if you’re eligible for a job


2. When your Uber ratings could be the wall you need to jump to find your life partner


3. When you can swipe only if your Uber ratings are right!

4. When Uber ratings could as well be called a ‘draw four’ card #FriendshipOver

5. Because now, Uber ratings are who you are.

There you have it, that’s the way the cookie seems to crumble. But now that Uber ratings are taking the spotlight everywhere we go, why not take advantage of the situation and better our ratings for good. As it turns out, Uber has already taken out a website to answer all the curious souls, you can check it out here. The best part about the website is the fact that these hacks are actually pretty interesting to implement. Who knew taking an Uber at 3:03 AM will increase my ratings?! Apparently, it does.

So, will you get that job you want and be with the person of your dreams? Or will you to stay single, stuck doing the job you hate? The answer my friend, could very well depend on your Uber Rider rating. Guess it’s time to pull up your socks and ask, “Hello friends, how to #HackMyRating?”

*This is a sponsored article for Uber