Don't Say Hey: 8 Creative Ways To Start A Conversation On A Dating App

Don't Say Hey: 8 Creative Ways To Start A Conversation On A Dating App

We live in a time when the potential of finding a soulmate could be achieved on a click of a button. Numerous dating apps are gaining traction among millenials, but what to do after you’ve matched with someone? How do you start serenading your virtual flame? A simple 'How you doin’?' would have worked for Joey, but it is not a great conversation starter IRL. 

So, let's give you some ideas on on how to make nice by breaking the ice without letting your conversation be a tedious schmooze fest.

1. Tickle Those Funny Bones

If you don’t want to end up being an unopened DM on a dating app, then you really need to up your humour game. Let the other person know that you’re capable of maintaining a scintillating conversation by starting with an amusing opener. Try something flirty like, 'If we were in school, you’d be the girl I’d pass notes to in class.' Cute, no? Come up with a nice catchphrase that would get you a laugh and not an eye roll!


2. Avoid The Creepy Radar

For a great first impression, don’t start with ‘hey baby’ or ‘hello sugar lips’. You’re better than that. Please be tasteful and use an appropriate salutation to address your potential date. Figure out how to be friendly without making it awkward for either one of you. Just use the person’s first name (maybe?) followed by an exclamation mark (not more than two though).


3. Do Your Homework

Gather some intel about the person who has swiped your right too. Skim through their profile and get an idea about what they like or dislike. If that person has a dog, just start the conversation with how much you adore pets. Or, just ask them if they’re a cat or a dog person. Keep it simple!

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4. Get Witty With Giphy

Sending a GIF can be a nice icebreaker if you’re confused about how to take it forward. From their bio on the dating app, find the one thing the person is really psyched about. For example, if you find out they’re vegan, send them a funny GIF and follow up with something like, “You’re vegan, I’m vegan! This should work!”


5. Ease Out The Tension

If you can’t think of a witty one liner to get that tête-à-tête going, relax! Admit that you couldn’t come up with an opening line and make a joke out of it. Or, tell them that you're a newbie in the dating app domain and strike a conversation about how weird it is for you. There, sometimes owning up is all the spark you need to light that fire.


6. Ask Questions

To leave more scope for getting a reply, it’s always wise to lead a conversation with a question. Delve into the hypothetical territory and give them a situation. It could be something as random as asking them, 'If you were an ice-cream flavour, what would you be?' or 'What is the first thing you would do if you woke up as a different person?' Go, get creative!


7. Say It With A Meme

Memes are all the rage these days. Your interests and inclinations are reflected a great deal by your choice in memes. If you don’t want to rely on your idea of funny, just send them a meme that has been doing rounds across all social media platforms. Or, if you really want to be experimental, come uo with a meme and let them know you’re interested. Making an effort will also show them that you care about where your conversation is heading.


8. The Gastronomy Game

If you have nothing up your sleeve, just start talking about food. Try something like, 'Pineapple on pizza: Yay or Nay?' If you handle the matter tastefully (pun intended!), you might just get your first date at the restaurant of your choice. Win win!


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