Sher Aaya Sher: 7 Reasons Why MC Sher Would Make A Bohot Hard Boyfriend!

Sher Aaya Sher: 7 Reasons Why MC Sher Would Make A Bohot Hard Boyfriend!

We're ten days into the release of the rap phenomenon that was Gully Boy and can you believe that I've watched the film thrice already?! Yep, thrice in a matter of ten days 'cause you know iss movie jaisa koi hardich nahi hai! While I could feel Murad's pain, I am also a girl's girl. I could never be an Albeena and try and steal Saifeena's childhood love. But the one guy who gave me butterflies in my tummy the entire time was the current national crush, MC Sher aka Siddhant Chaturvedi!

My imagination got the better of me and I've realised that this bohot hard guy would make the perfect boyfriend for any girl. (But hey ladies, I've called dibs!)

1. He's a sher and I bet he roars hard...


Image Source: Instagram

... even in bed, or so I imagine. You know when he said, "Tere andar ka lava fatt ke aane de" I was totally imagining him saying that under the sheets!

2. MC Sher is that fiercely loyal and supportive friend we all need in our life.

Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had once said, "Agar woh meri sabse achhi dost nahi ban sakti toh main usse kabhi pyaar nahi kar sakta hoon." And who proves to be a better friend than the cutie MC Sher!? That kind of support from your partner is what we all live for!

3. Also, it doesn't hurt that he's a musician... 


Image Source: Instagram

Step aside acoustic guitarists it's our underground rap artists' time (unka time aa gaya!) Maybe the lion will rap some love ballads for me on stage!

4. He overcame his adversity and emerged stronger.

We love a man who is in touch with his feelings and someone who has faced adversity in life but has emerged as a more positive person because of it. His mum ran away, his father is an alcoholic, he earns for his family to make ends meet and he's still such a ray of sunshine with that smile, that damned smile!

5. OMG! We need more men like him who are feminists!


Image Source: Instagram

Remember the time the crowd heckled Jasleen Royal for being boring on stage? Our hero Sher came and gave it back to the men with a diss track that made me fall for him even harder. Rapping, he said, "Ah tujhe chhedne ki talab hai, tu nakli wala marad, mardangi pe kalank." YAS! Men who call out misogyny is exactly what we need!

6. He believes in love at first sight... just like me!

He found his girlfriend just by looking into her eyes for the first time and I fell in love with him in the same way. Who knows, next time he sees me walking around on the gullies of Mumbai he might fall for me too.

7. Ladies, let's be honest, he's super duper hot.

There I said what we were all thinking about - our Sher is freaking hawt! That athletic body, the million dollar smile and that twinkle in his eyes. *swoon*

Here's a bonus picture of Siddhant Chaturvedi with a cute puppy.


Ovaries bursting in 3...2...1...

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