7 Important Self-Love Resolutions You Should Make In 2019

7 Important Self-Love Resolutions You Should Make In 2019

Every year, I promise myself that I will make resolutions that will make me a better human being. Instead, every year, I end up criticising my life choices. The most recurrent resolution is about how I need to lose weight because I want to look thinner and not because I want to get healthier. Why do we make resolutions that are invariably hurting our self-esteem? Isn't it time we change how we approach our own growth? 

A study by Psychology Today shows that setting small specific goals is better than setting ones that are too big to achieve soon and actually end up demotivating you or hurting your confidence. So this year, I have made a promise to myself, to love me, in a way that only I can. The aim is to be comfortable in my own skin, and in the process, to do things that would make my body love me in return. Like eating healthy, working out or even just breathing better air by visiting the hills every month. And just like that, I covered the most common new year resolutions - food, fitness, and travel. 

So instead of the usual self-critiquing resolutions, we make every year, here is a list of self-love resolutions that'll help you start 2019 with a smile. 

1. Eat Out Less, Cook More, Save Money

01 self love resolutions - cooking

After a year of eating out almost every single day, I realised, my body needs love. I can't keep munching on fast food every day and not expect to fall sick. So I made mistakes, but the new year is a chance to fix it. I realised I might not be the best cook, but at least I can control the oil, the amount of chocolate or carbs that go into my body. I can regulate this by making some easy home cooked meals. In the process, I will end up saving money and meet one of my most difficult resolutions, to not be broke by the end of the month. 

2. No More Pointless Apps 

On an average, a person spends about two and a half hours on social media every day! Phew, that sounds like a lot. I know for a fact that I spend about an hour on Instagram looking at people who live extravagant albeit 'scripted' lives for the internet. And of course, I end up comparing it with mine. Just think of everything productive I could have done in this hour. Hence, getting rid of some of these apps or even just reducing your time on them is a great move for your mental health. 

3. In With The Positive, Out With The Negative 

03 self love resolutions

Think better thoughts. It's really as simple as that. The first step towards being a positive person is pretending to be one. And when the time comes, you would have automatically trained your mind to think in a positive way. This will create a happier environment and draw positive vibes from the universe. 

4. Chase Happiness Instead Of Approval 

Most of us get so involved in fitting in that we forget where it all began. For example, I began my poetry account on Instagram to find a creative outlet. But instead, I've gotten so caught up in the race that all I care about now is my follower count. If I no longer love my work and my words, then how is this doing me any good? This year is all about chasing happiness and self-approval. 

5. Keep Calm Through It All

02 self love resolutions - yoga

The first step of self-love is to actually love yourself, in every way possible. Practice meditation to remain calm, eat better, sleep well. All of these goals may seem far-fetched but the trick is to pick one for each month and before you know it, it's a habit! As someone who suffers from anxiety, this is the most important resolution I'm making this year

6. Invest In Knowledge 

04 self love resolutions - reading

Less social media, more books! A resolution that not only makes me feel more accomplished but also helps me learn something new. I remember the time I read two books a day, back in school. And now, I'm so tired after work that it feels better to shut down and mindlessly watch Netflix. But I know it's not what I should be doing. My mind deserves some food!

7. Give Yourself Credit When Due 

There are so many little things you achieve every single day. From waking up on time, to finishing a project and meeting deadlines or even just making your bed. Pat your back when you achieve these benchmarks and give yourself credit when it is due. Some self-love goes a long way. 

Setting small goals is a great way to categorize them and meet easy targets. Instead of telling yourself that you will leave for work on time every day, try practising it for just a week and reward yourself when you succeed. This is a classic case of positive reinforcement that'll make you feel happier and make this process feel natural. 

You go, girl! 

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