I Gave Up Alcohol For 2 Years And My Skin Has Never Been The Same

I Gave Up Alcohol For 2 Years And My Skin Has Never Been The Same

I gave up alcohol for two years and I had the best skin of my life! Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you about my journey. Unfortunately, it wasn't something I gave up by choice. An underlying health condition stopped me from drinking for a few months. Those months turned into years and before I knew it, I had quit drinking for 2 years. My skin and my body looked great! Not that I had an obnoxious beer belly or too many skin problems but those occasional zits and dull skin vanished.

I didn't need to hide behind layers of makeup to look healthy and glowy! I could leave the house with just lipstick and eyeliner.

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I drank no more than once a week but when I did drink, I had a lot of cocktails and aerated drinks. All that sugar is bound to wreak havoc on your body and skin. After a bad infection, I was asked to give up all the good things in life and stick to a strictly liquid diet. As the months passed, so did my craving for alcohol. And the best part was that skin looked clearer and fresher. The tiredness and dullness which was one of my major concerns also started improving. If you indulge in binge drinking and are wondering why your skin isn't improving, you may want to look into this.

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When I did begin drinking two years later... I started to find all the drinks I once guzzled, TOO sweet! Yep, that's what giving up sugar does to you. And to date, I can't have more than 2 drinks without feeling sick. While I won't quite say that I'm glad I fell sick, I am relieved that I don't have quite the sweet tooth I had a few years ago. Besides, honestly, hangovers SUCK and I don't miss them. My bank balance isn't complaining either and neither is my skin *wink*

All of this taught me one lesson, if you're trying to lose weight or better your skin, skip the Long Island Iced Tea and the rum and coke. Replace sugar with natural alternatives like water, honey, jaggery and stevia and you'll see your waistline shrink and your skin glow.

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You're probably wondering why I'm suggesting you give up sugar. Here's why sugar is bad for your skin: sugar and most high glycemic foods increase your insulin levels and make it hard for your body to fight inflammation. In fact, too much sugar can increase inflammation in your body and break down collagen and elastin. These are the things responsible for making your skin look youthful and taut. Now you're probably wondering what kind of foods to avoid and I'm sorry to have to break it to you but it's almost all the good stuff. Sugar, candy, sodas, bread, packaged foods and juices, pasta, cake are among the few foods responsible for your bloated belly and inflamed skin. 

While it's not entirely possible to give up sugar if you live a very active jet-setting life, small changes like carrying a small bottle of honey or stevia wherever you go to avoid having processed sugar help. Give it a shot be consistent and it'll turn into a habit. Robin Sharma says "Do anything consistently for 21 days and it'll turn into a habit." I've made it my new year's resolution to form 4 such habits this year! 

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