You So Sexy: 5 Hairstyles That Look Way Hotter When Messy

You So Sexy: 5 Hairstyles That Look Way Hotter When Messy

Believe me - the messier, the better. Having lived with curly hair all my life, I now feel it's like an extension of my personality. I mean, I love poker straight hair too, but I think messy waves and curls have more of a story to tell. Plus, a girl with this hairstyle looks instantly HOT! If you're looking for a change in hairstyle, maybe you should take the messier route. Pick one that excites you and makes you think of yourself as a sexy kitten *Rawr*

1. All To One Side



Just sayin' hair that's wavy, messy and tousled to one side can be unbelievably sexy. Just like Sara Ali Khan, don't be afraid to let your mane do all the talking. Not to mention, her bold brows, mascara-coated lashes and glossy lips are adding an extra HOT factor to her overall look *Wink*

2. That Sultry Lob



It doesn't get sexier than this, ladies. Yami Gautam is on fire and I'm lovin' the way her waves look here. They look wild, sultry and oh-so-sexy! This is a hairstyle that is pretty flattering, and Yami is clearly killin' the game. 

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3. Ringlets That Tempt



I like Katrina Kaif's straight hair, but I like her ringlets even more. There is something intriguing about hers actually. The way her ringlets suit her face cut to the way they majestically rest on shoulders - yep, she has locks that can't be tamed. 

4. Vintage Beauty

Athiya-shetty-low-messy-bun %281%29


Doesn't Athiya Shetty's messy low bun look so vintage? In fact, it also adds that touch of glam to her gown and draws attention to her décolletage area.  

5. The Wild One



I'm not sure what's more appealing - Shraddha Kapoor's dress or messy hair? I'm fascinated by both! For a celeb who has always stuck with long, neat hair - this hairstyle and cut feels like a breath of fresh air. 

From all these hairstyles, which one would you try first? I knew you're gonna say ALL! 

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