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16 Memes About Feminism That'll Shut Up Your Sexist Friend

16 Memes About Feminism That'll Shut Up Your Sexist Friend

There are probably just a handful of words in the English language that evoke as much emotion as the word 'feminism'. These days, it is a sure-shot way to pick up a heated discussion. But what does it mean to be a feminist? Well, to put it simply, it means you believe women and men have equal rights and opportunities. Period.

As conversations around feminism and MeToo are stirring up again, following the latest accusations against Homegrown's CEO Varun Patra, it is important to address these issues, again.

One thing the third-wave feminists are excellent at is cracking a good joke. Thanks to the wonderful world online we have memes to explain feminism to those still scratching their heads when the conversation is rolled out. Here are 15 feminist memes that will make the staunchest of feminist haters say "Ohh, I get it now". 

1. It's perfectly okay to change your mind, anywhere and anytime.


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2. Probably the most badass answer to a sexist question. 


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3. It's never a good thing to jump to conclusions too soon.


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4. His ego, probably hiding under that bucket, is giving him that lift.


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5. Meanwhile, back home in India, it's the same story.


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6. The magic ends when you want to, not when he wants it to.  


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7. A perfectly logical answer.  


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8. The different shades of being a feminist...

Image source: 9gag

9. This one steals the cream!


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10. Mad Max was probably the most feminist movie ever!


Image source: Tumblr

11. When men talk about 'contributing' to household duties


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12. Equality for all, you said?


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13. You deserve to be shot for that explanation of feminism.


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14. And they said that even walls have ears.


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15. Even the great Sridevi had said it.


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16. Finally, just a reminder of all things that do exists, even if you have your eyes blindfolded.


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