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The Cutest Pets Of Instagram That Will Make You Want To Adopt One RIGHT NOW!

The Cutest Pets Of Instagram That Will Make You Want To Adopt One RIGHT NOW!

Whether it's with a cosy self-knitted sweater, a pair of sassy glares or a cute little tutu, parents of all sorts of pets love playing dress-up with their babies from the moment they set their eyes upon them. Remember when you were given a new doll as a child and you couldn't wait to dress it up with your own special little outfits? Didn't it make you feel all warm and happy like a little mommy on having to choose what it wore and how it looked? Well, it's exactly that - except, its loads more fun!

Changing the way your pet looks every single day might be a task. Therefore, on one special day, pet owners across the world get a chance to fashionably dress up their little ones and jazz up their looks in whichever ways they want. This occasion is known as the National Dress Up Your Pet Day. It was founded on 14th January 2009 by a leading celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal advocate, Colleen Paige. Her sole aim was to encourage everyone to spend a little extra time with their pets and have fun by dressing them up in cute, safe and stylish costumes. In some places, people celebrate by organizing competitions between pets from different neighbourhoods to see who comes out with the coolest avatar.

Wondering how these pets looked after a makeover?

Well, this curiosity gave rise to our OCD for watching endless images of cats and dogs over Instagram, and thus, led us to shortlist these 12 best-dressed pets who won our hearts instantly:

1. "Superpower? Charming The Ladies With Our Cuteness!"


Source credits: Instagram

2. "Well, All I Need Is A Face Mask And I'm Good To Go!"


Source credits: Instagram

3. "Setting Fashion Trends With Our Favourite Summer Dresses. Aren't They Pretty?"


Source credits: Instagram

4. "I'll Have A Dry Martini - Shaken, Not Stirred."


Source credits: Instagram

5. "What Are You Looking At? That's MY Food!"


Source credits: Instagram

6. "Won't You Hold Me? I'm Cuddlier Than You Think!"


Source credits: Instagram

7. "If You're Done With My Shoot, Can I Go Get Married Now?"


Source credits: Instagram

8. "Hola, Amigos! Don't I Look Smashin' Tonight?"


Source credits: Instagram

9. "I'm Not A Nerd. I'm An Intellectual Badass."


Source credits: Instagram

10. "I'm A Rockstar, Baby. I'm Going To Rock Your World!"


Source credits: Instagram

11. "Honey, I'm Better Than A Fairy Godmother!"


Source credits: Instagram

12. "Don't You Think This Color Just Makes My Eyes Pop?"


Source credits: Instagram

If the above cuties succeeded in sparking even the tiniest enthusiasm in you, make sure you definitely have some fun with your pet this holiday, and make them look like a star they deserve to feel every day.

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