Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Style With These Trendy Fine Jewellery Pieces!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Style With These Trendy Fine Jewellery Pieces!

Our mothers were firm believers of ‘investing’ in fine jewellery. I remember every time there was an occasion or even just a good day, my mom would always buy a piece of fine jewellery or some sort of gold ornament. With time, I think all of us stopped opting for classic fine jewellery pieces and started wearing a lot of trend specific jewellery that went beautifully with our everyday outfits. The price point was also a huge factor in us shopping for fast-fashion trendy pieces that you could change with every outfit, look, season and vibe.

But ladies (and gents if you’re looking to buy your special someone a gift for Valentine’s Day), fine jewellery has a new face and a new price range. Melorra brings you its brand new ‘Trendy Hearts’ collection which consists of jewellery pieces inspired by global trends for Valentine’s Day. This collection has gold and diamond jewellery that is affordable, minimal and ideal for everyday use!

Here are our favourite picks of the collection!

1. Listen to your heart

1 melorra

This ‘Pleats of Hearts’ pair of earrings are ideal for everyday wear.

Price: Rs 26,283. Buy it here

2. A heart beating at the neck

2 melorra

This studded heart pendant and chain is not just ideal for everyday wear, it also adorns the decolletage beautifully!

Price: 36,973. Buy it here

3. The wild side of love

3 melorra

This leopard print cutout bangle with a dangling heart is just the piece you need to complete your ethnic outfit for the day.

Price: Rs 37,154. Buy it here

4. A promise of hearts

4 melorra

Guys, if you are still reading this. Take note, this heart cluster ring is what you need to gift your girl this Valentine’s Day!

Price: 23,104; Buy it here

5. The colour of love

5 melorra

Like a little bit of colour in your jewellery? This bracelet is what you need to complete your look. It will look amazing stacked with your jewellery.

Price: 10,698. Buy it here

Dear women, fine jewellery is no longer about buying classic pieces that you can wear once a year. It’s now about expressing yourself and wearing your personality, literally! These and more amazing pieces are available on Melorra. Men, look no further, Melorra has everything you need to make your girl feel special this Valentine’s Day. With 30-day return policy, lifetime exchange options and 100% certified gold & diamonds, Melorra promises a hassle-free shopping experience every single time.

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