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#TooCoolToSnooze: Top 10 POPxo Videos From 2018 That We'll Be Watching Over & Over Again!

#TooCoolToSnooze: Top 10 POPxo Videos From 2018 That We'll Be Watching Over & Over Again!

It's a challenge to keep track of time when you are having fun all year long, isn't it? Another year went by making funny, relatable and entertaining POPxo videos and we aren't sure which one deserves the favourite-of-the-year spot. We create more and present more so we can make our viewers a part of our frisky days. So much so that all our video stars are a part of your daily life now. Some of our videos make you laugh, some of them make you cry and some of them make you go "oh, that's so ME!" but all of them find a spot in your heart and keep you entertained and we are grateful for that. 

So to reminisce the wonderful year we'll be saying our goodbyes to, we've compiled the best out of the best. You can watch them again, admire them and pick your favourite!        

1. #IBelieveInI

We all have stories. A truth, an obstacle, a painful experience that helped us grow and became who we are. We sure are proud of ourselves and we believe in ourselves. In our 'I Believe In I' campaign video, POPxo team members shared their stories and spoke about how they won over a situation that was almost impossible to bear. 

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2. First Time Sex - Expectation Vs Reality

It's passionate, experimental and also awkward, but it's sure not all befikre when you are making love with someone for the first time. As easy, smooth and picture perfect as it may look in reel life, it can be a rough, awkward and sticky affair in real life. This video about a couple having sex for the first time with each other will give you some insight and will definitely make you laugh.  

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3. Never Say Never

Never Say Never is a short film about Riddhima and Armaan who met, had an interesting conversation and before they knew it, fell in love with each other but not without complications. Will they sail through the storm? Watch the short film to know!

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4. Mother's Day Special

Is a woman ever ready to take the responsibility of a newborn? A woman in doubt finds a great adviser in her mother as she struggles with the decision about taking care of her baby.

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5. POPxo's First Ever Web Series - Unmarried

We are humbled to know that you loved our first ever web series Unmarried! A generation that's tired of answering those same-old questions about marriage takes over the rulebook and rewrites it! When and how? Watch the complete web series to know!

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6. Stupid Things We All Do When We Have A Crush On Someone 

Have you bunked your lectures to do your crush's homework? Have you secretly stared at your crush until it gets awkward? Thanks to Bollywood, there's a lot of stupid stuff we do when we have a crush on someone. You'll definitely relate to this POPxo video.  

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7. Types of Guys We Meet During Rishta Meetings

Are your parents searching for a suitable groom for you? Have you met the momma's boy, the flirty type, the creepy one and the daal-chawal kind of boy yet? Oh, yes, the list goes on and on. The types of guys you meet during rishta meetings are absolutely different from the ones you meet in college or on dates and that's what makes this video funnier and relatable.   

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8. Peeing Issues: Men Vs Women

Undoubtedly, the rules of peeing are different for men and women but what if we had a role reversal moment. Watch the video to know what it would be like if women started peeing standing and men had to sit down.  

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9. Stages of Periods

It starts with cramps, moves on to mood swings and then comes to a stage when breathing sounds from the person sitting next to you irritate you. Stages of periods are equally weird and funny and so is this video, so watch it now, if you haven't already!

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10. #MeToo

2018 has been a year of #MeToo stories in India. A movement that got momentum after Tanushree Dutta revealed her #MeToo story which reached every corner of the country. Listen to the #MeToo stories of the women in POPxo team and stay safe! You can read more about the #MeToo movement here.  

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Which one was your favourite? Do let us know in the comment section!

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Published on Dec 28, 2018
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