Best Of 2018: 7 Times We Took Beauty Trends Way Too Far!

Best Of 2018: 7 Times We Took Beauty Trends Way Too Far!

We, humans, we are creative, it's our nature to create new things but sometimes we get too excited and stretch our creativity to a road too far. Beauty trends, especially, move fast in the era of Instagram. With hair and makeup artists competing for the amount of attention their art can get, much like 2017, 2018 has also been a crazy year with halo brows and rainbow teeth. However, we'll have to say some of the brows and nails trends were so surprising and mesmerizing at the same time, we didn't even know which one took the cake first. Thanks to all Insta-makeup artists, we have a few beauty trends from 2018 that stuck in our brains for months with their impractical yet creative presence.      

1. 3D Nail Art

weird beauty trends from 2018 - ice skating nails

Image Source: Instagram

Nail Sunny, a nail art expert on Instagram from Russia loves to create cringeworthy 3D nail art. She has created teeth nails, boob nails which literally had milk popping out of her design, Stormi nails which showed Kylie Jenner and her daughter's first 'finger in hand' picture and insect nail art which involved putting a dead mosquito on your nails. Her latest work is Christmas-themes and is inspired by ice-skating boots.  

2. Halo Brows

weird beauty trends from 2018 - halo brows

Image Source: Instagram

It's impossible for a world that cannot make peace with unibrows to make peace with halo brows but hey, never stop trying! Hannah Lyne, a 16-year-old Insta-makeup artist came up with the idea of halo brows but we don't think we would ever get on board with them.  

3. Corkscrew Nails




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A post shared by KIARA SKY™ NAIL PRODUCTS (@kiaraskynails) on

This gem of a trend was created by Kiara Sky. Kiara Sky owns a nail product brand and is a pro at handling nail art. However, please never attempt to wear lenses if you're ever inspired to try this manicure! 

4. Tiger Brows

weird beauty trends from 2018 - tiger brows

Image Source: Instagram

Invented by none other than the makeup expert, Huda Kattan, tiger brows were her second attempt at creating a significant brow trend after McDonald's brows.

5. Chain Eyes




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A post shared by James Molloy Makeup Artist (@jamesmolloymakeupartist) on

Just when we thought it couldn't get weirder, Makeup artist James Molloy went viral for his gold chainmail editorial look. It would take clear lash glue and a lot of patience to create this look at home.  

6. Floral Brows

weird beauty trends from 2018 - floral brows

Image Source: Instagram

Ethereal dainty flowers on the brows, that's 2018 for you! Darin, an Insta-makeup artist created this look and it went viral before we could even blink. It's not practical of course, but it looks pretty on her. 

7. Sushi Nails




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A post shared by Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) on

Eating Sushi is so old school, you gotta NAIL it! South Korean Nail artist Unistella created these three-dimensional sushi nails and we don't know if we should look at it or order it.

What a year!!! Keep the creativity rolling...

Featured Image Source: Instagram

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