Ideal Boyfriend Checklist: THIS Is Why You Need To Date A Biker!

Ideal Boyfriend Checklist: THIS Is Why You Need To Date A Biker!

If you envision yourself wrapped around the arms of someone who is clad in a leather armour, then this one’s for you! While you might have dated a lot of men in your life, you haven’t really ‘dated’ the awesome ones until you’ve dated a biker. They seek thrill and really know how to unwind by just twisting a throttle. So, if these reasons are not enough, I have listed some other cool reasons why you should date a biker. If you’re already dating one then you’d definitely know why they make the best boyfriends, EVER!

Meet these boys and their other fab biker friends at the Rider’s Music Festival at JLN, New Delhi on 22nd and 23rd December!

1. They look hot, sure! But that riding gear, though *wink*

He may look hot otherwise too but when he puts on the riding gear, you know you will drool over that man.

1 Reasons Why Biker Boys Make The Best Boyfriends EVER!

2. You get to match up to their hotness level

And while he looks that hot, you know you have to match up to that level of hotness too. So, you too put your best foot forward!

3. They are bloody adventurous

Motorcyclists are very adventurous in general so you know you’re up for a big adventure everytime they’re around even if it’s just a dinner date.

4. You get a valid reason to cuddle when you sit with them

You get a chance to cuddle with him when you are sitting behind him. Now we all know a lot of health benefits that cuddling comes with, right ladies? *wink*

Reasons Why Biker Boys Make The Best Boyfriends EVER!  2

5. You always know what to buy for them!

Buying gifts for your biker boyfriend is hardly a task. A riding jacket, knee pads, shoes or a wide variety of products you can totally choose from! Nothing makes them happier than seeing extra biking stuff.

6. They’re not scared of anything

They love exploring terrains that many may not dare to so they are not scared of anything in their life. So much so that when you feel down and low, they will pump you up with motivational stories!

7. They enjoy the little things in life and so do you!

Sunsets, long rides and just your company. They love these little things in life which means that planning a romantic date with them will always be exciting!

Reasons Why Biker Boys Make The Best Boyfriends EVER!  3

8. They will always have a good alternate plan when you’re busy

They will just be riding with their buddies and not bother you at all. They love the idea of space in their life and you will slowly adapt to it too.

9. They’re very dedicated

They always know what is happening around them and are very dedicated. They know every pros and cons that come with biking which makes them very dedicated in life.

10. They know their way around with the mean machines!

The first rule of being a biker is actually knowing how to fix the machine. So, not only does he finds his way around machines but also knows how to fix them. This comes in handy for you too when you have trouble.

5 Reasons Why Biker Boys Make The Best Boyfriends EVER

11. You don’t have to worry about them being erratic as they find solace in riding!

Had a fight? Hand them over the bike keys and they will come back home a changed person. Basically, they find a lot of peace when they’re riding the bike and you will really have no troubles as long as he is riding.

12.  They will keep telling you about bikes so now you’re awesome too!

Since you’ve been dating him, you know a lot about bikes and bikers too. That makes you as awesome as him!

13. They’re super romantic

Yeah, staying in and watching Netflix is fun but have you been out for an impromptu date on the bike just to watch the sunset? Hey there biker boyfriend, are you listening?

4 Reasons Why Biker Boys Make The Best Boyfriends EVER

If you’re a biking enthusiast or simply love to admire them, then these boys and many more at the Rider’s Music festival on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2018 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

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