6 Things That Happen At *Every* Secret Santa Party

6 Things That Happen At *Every* Secret Santa Party

‘Tis the season for all things good and fabulous! However, before this year ends, there’s so much more to look forward to. Yes! We’re talking about the merriest time of the year - Christmas! While it is my personal favourite time, what I love the most about this time is the Secret Santa gig. Thanks to Saint Nicholas, everyone is on spy mode and the guesswork is beyond the roof. Read on to know what we’re talking about!

1. You try your best to keep it quiet

Once you know who you will be surprising, you try your best to keep it a secret. It’s all the more difficult when it’s your favourite co-worker who you will be shopping for. We feel you, sistah!

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2. Think! Think! Think!

There is no denying to the fact that you spend a lot of time thinking on what to give them. And if that stops for a while, you look at random things and think if they would like it. Make-up? Perfumes? Outfits? The list is just endless especially when all of these are so easily available on the Lifestyle online stores! Basically, you’re just really really into it all day until it gets over!

3. Stress…

Even though the whole party is a lot of fun and is much anticipated every year but the slight stress that happens right before it is not to be missed. However, it is healthy because you want to make just the right choice picking the best gift possible.

2 Things That Happen At Every Secret Santa Party Ever

4. Find the best way to be anonymous!

While our busy schedules don’t give us the time to go shop for things, we all wish there was an anonymous way to send gifts to someone online too. Well, what if we tell you there is? Lifestyle, India’s favorite fashion destination, now gives you the chance to show some love to all the special people in your life with the new e-Gift Card. It comes with a unique ‘Secret Santa’ feature allowing users to gift anonymously – the perfect Secret Santa gift for the Holiday Season. Cool isn’t it? Now you can order things online without even letting them know!

5. You see what they do throughout the day

Sometimes, you are stuck because you don’t know the person too well yet want to find out something about them, any clue that would help. So, you start looking at what they do throughout the day and what they keep talking about just to find that perfect gift for them.

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6. You secretly hope they never find out it’s you…

And no matter how amazing your gift is, you hope that they never find out it’s you. Sometimes, when people make the wrong guesses, you have your smug face on.

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