Nom, Nom, Nom! Team POPxo's Top Takeout Recommendations Of The Year

Nom, Nom, Nom! Team POPxo's Top Takeout Recommendations Of The Year

Nothing uplifts your mood like good food. You know one of those days when you just need to put your feet up and chomp on some comfort food? There is something about that quick takeout that makes you feel a little better. The same goes for a lazy weekend where indulgence is the order of the day.

For people who like to work hard and party harder, the POPxo team had a LOT to say about the kind of takeouts they love. We really have nailed the sentiment of Fries Before Guys. So, the edit team is taking a look back at their favourite orders this year and everything that the POPxo editors and writers found irresistible. Have a look and there's a huge possibility you might, too!

1. Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh Coffee & Co, New Delhi


Source: Instagram

SardarBuksh did so well in 2018 that even Starbucks took notice, which wasn't really a good thing for the cafe. Starbucks sued them for a similar sounding name and logo. Well, they're entering the new year with a new name, but with the same comfort food. Their Mocha Frappe and Pangebaaz Burger was the pick-me-up I needed on a hard day at work.

-Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

2. Amma’s Hauz, New Delhi


Source: Instagram

The authentic taste of Chettinad food is what I crave the most in Delhi and Amma’s Hauz gives me just that. It has great quality food and the quantity is worth the money. Definitely my favourite takeout pick.

-Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

3. PUL, New Delhi


Source: Instagram

I love fries, I live for them. And I like my fries super spicy. That’s why I love the Peri Peri fries at PUL. They’re very hot (definitely not for the faint-hearted) and really yummy. In fact, their burgers are good, too. This was definitely my best find this year!

-Aishwarya Dravid, Assistant Editor

4. eat. fit, Gurgaon


Source: Instagram

Living away from home, I miss the wholesomeness of my mom's home-cooked North Indian food, but there's always It has really healthy food options that don't cost an arm and a leg. You get dal, sabzi, raita and even some sliced cucumbers, just like mama makes!

-Kriti Asthana, Assistant Manager, Social Media

5. Indian Saffron, Delhi


Source: Instagram

I’m always looking for that perfect butter chicken dish. A little sweet, full of flavours, with melt-in-the-mouth chicken pieces, exactly as I used to get at this small restaurant in my neighbourhood growing up. I never could find anything that matched that Dilli-wala flavour in Gurgaon (memories always trump the present), but I came close with this delivery-only restaurant that became an instant hit at the lunch table. Highly, highly recommended to all butter chicken lovers.

-Apeksha Bhateja, Assistant Editor

6. Sernyaa, Mumbai


Source: Instagram

This tiny Tibetan restaurant in Oshiwara that serves the yummiest pork momos and bamboo rice is my go-to binge spot when I’m craving for something juicy and delicious. It's is close to the POPxo office in Mumbai and I keep ordering from them whenever my tummy growls.

-Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer

There's no way you could have reached the end without feeling those glorious hunger pangs. What are you waiting for? Order that takeout and dig right in!

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