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#LoveIsInTheAir: The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve With Bae

#LoveIsInTheAir: The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve With Bae

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than with the person you love! Welcome 2019 in the arms of your partner, with fun and celebration. I sat down to make a list of some fun new year celebration ideas to celebrate with your bae. It doesn’t matter if you are homebodies and would like to keep the celebration low key, or bring the roof down and be the life of a party, I’ve got something for everybody.

Especially if you and your boyfriend have just begun dating, New Year’s Eve is a landmark celebration for your relationship as you step into the new year together.

Here are some of the ways in which you can welcome 2019 with your partner.

New Year Celebration Ideas For Couples 

Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve With Your Partner & Friends

Outdoor New Year's Eve Date Ideas

Indoor New Year's Eve Date Ideas

Where To Go For New Years Eve With Bae

New Year Celebration Ideas For Couples

new years eve plans-champange couple

If you’re taking the time out to spend New Year’s Eve with your partner and want it to be as romantic as possible, I’ve got a few new year celebration ideas for you. From staying in to taking a trip with bae, it doesn’t get sappier than this.

A Home Cooked Meal

Cooking together is a great bonding experience. Plus, you get to go grocery shopping beforehand and handpick the ingredients you need (which is my favourite thing to do.) You can also set up a table and have a candle-light dinner at home, post your cooking session. But instead of the meal, concentrate on the process of cooking this late-night meal and enjoy the time you spend together.

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Makeshift Spa For Two

Schedule a spa session together! Spend time together relaxing, light up some essential oils and indulge in an elaborate skin-care routine. A scrub, sheet mask, mud mask, pedicure and even a hair spa session can be easily arranged. For a couple who is comfortable spending time with each other, this is a fun way to relax and pamper themselves.

Splurge On A Hotel Room

Staycations are my favourite! But this requires bookings to be done at least 6 months prior to your date of stay. Because most resorts and properties are jam packed around 31st of December. Though any cozy Airbnb would do, the point is to pamper each other with a luxury hotel room, splurging a little in order to welcome the new year. Order in room service, play some fun music or put on your favourite movie and cuddle in foamy hotel room beds.

A Holiday Bonfire

Bonfires are the best part about winters. You can light a cozy bonfire on your terrace or veranda and cuddle up next to it with a blanket. If you are one of those people who have a fireplace, then you can sit by it and watch a movie while sipping on some delicious hot chocolate. Burn up some smores, set up a barbeque or even make some baked sweet potatoes with bae by your side. Things can even get steamy on cold winter nights… if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve With Your Partner & Friends


Want to enjoy New Year’s Eve surrounded by the people you love the most? Your best friends and bae, counting down till midnight, by your side seems like the best way to bring in the new year. Here are a few group activities that all of you can enjoy with your friends, while you and your partner get some alone time to steal a kiss.

Dress Up Crazy

Missed out on the costume party this Halloween? Fret not, you and your friends can throw a cool costume party for New Year’s Eve where you get a chance to dress up as your favourite characters. You can also pick a theme, like Disney, Harry Potter or Star Wars and dress accordingly. This is a great opportunity for you and bae to wear a couples’ costume, he can be the peanut butter to your jelly or the Prince Charming to your Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel or Cinderella.

Farmhouse Party

This option requires some planning beforehand. All of you can book a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, and if you live by the beach then one by shore is a great idea. Deck it up with whimsical fairy lights, props and even arrange for some props like masks and photo-op boards with catchphrases. You can also turn it into a pot-luck and ask everyone to bring in something different for your late night munching session post the countdown.

Pool Side Gala

Pool parties are so much fun! You can host one by booking an Airbnb with a pool or attend one hosted by luxury hotels around the city. Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of clothes and a cute swimsuit incase you feel like taking a dip and ringing in the new year underwater!

Glamping Away

It’s called glamorous camping and it is all the rage when it comes to group activities. Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, Ladakh, Kanha and various other destination offer you camping with a touch of luxury. You can take a safari ride, chill by the bonfire and enjoy the cultural festivities these sites offer. It is a great bonding activity and you and bae can always sneak away to your personal tent if you need alone time.

Outdoor New Year's Eve Date Ideas


Tired of staying in? Want to do something outdoors instead? I’ve made a list of great ways to step out on New Year's Eve and have some fun with bae. From romantic to adventurous, outdoor New Year's eve date ideas there is something for everybody.  

Candle Light Dinner

The good old classic romantic dinner works like a charm every single time. If you aren’t big on the whole candle thing then you can go to a fine dining restaurant instead and splurge on some champagne, live music and good food. Make sure to book your table in advance, as most places are sold out and won’t give you the best table in the house.

A Pub Crawl

Pub crawls can be fun if you and bae are big party animals. Step out and countdown to midnight at your favourite club, dancing the night away. However, carry an extra jacket as it might get cold later at night and always take a cab. Drinking and driving is dangerous.

Arcade Night

Gaming arcades take you back to your childhood. Find the closest gaming arcade and spend the night raging to the Mario Kart theme song. Tetris, Minibattles, Minecraft, are just few of the favourite from the retro games that you and bae will love competing over. Most arcades also allow you to order in, so don’t forget the pizza!

Picnic & Stargazing

Nubra valley, Sonmarg, Coorg, Neil Island, Shahapur, Pangong Tso and Spiti valley are just few of the spots in India where you can stargaze. It is an exceptional experience and will leave you with goosebumps. There is no better way to ring in the new year than in this peaceful activity of sitting under the stars with a romantic picnic.

Indoor New Year's Eve Date Ideas


Want to stay indoors this winter and enjoy New Year's Eve with your boyfriend inside a cozy blanket? Well, I’ve thought of the perfect way to turn it into an eventful night. You can compete with each other, light a few candles, or even indulge in some DIY crafts. Take your pick from the lis of Indoor New Year's Eve Date Ideas

Board Game Tournament

Bring out the Ludo, Monopoly, Monopoly Deal, UNO, Snakes and Ladders, Pictionary, Taboo and go bezerk with the most famous board games from your childhood. Yes, you’ll probably fight over it with some playful banter, but you can always make up with some sexy time. Also, don’t shy away from customising the games, try strip poker or strip UNO instead.

Make A Time Capsule

A time capsule of your relationship is basically a way to document your journey together. Include pictures of the two of you, his first gift, that first flower, a bill from your anniversary dinner date… you get the gist. Basically, go crazy romantic and put all your love into a box. You can open this later on your next anniversary or new year and reminisce.

Candles & Champagne

Do up your room with some beautiful fairy lights and candles. Add champagne, pizza and a good movie to the mix and you’ve got the recipe to the perfect New Year's Eve date. Cuddle in bed and kiss at midnight, what could be better than that?

Romance is in the air so don’t forget to buy a pack of our scented candles.

Netflix & Fort

Remember the forts we used to make as kids? Push chairs together and put a sheet above it to create a makeshift canopy? Those were the good times. Recreate your childhood with bae, set up a light mattress under your fort, set up some cushions and your laptop inside. Add some pizza to your night and countdown with your boyfriend.

Where To Go For New Years Eve With Bae


Nothing makes New Year’s Eve more memorable than a romantic getaway. You can either turn this into a road trip or take a flight to a destination, depending on the city you belong to. Either way, you must remember that planning a trip around the 31st or December requires a lot of prior bookings and will be an expensive affair, unless you actively lookout for offers that come out during the Diwali break. Wondering! Where To Go For New Years Eve, Here are my top picks for you.


Known as the ‘city of lakes’ Udaipur is the most colorful destination to pick for your New Year's Eve trip. Lined with huge forts, temples and lakes, the city has a rich legacy of cultural extravaganza that you can drown yourself in this winter. You must have caught a glimpse of Udaipur in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, because this is where Aditi decides to tie the knot. Here are a few recommendations if you are looking to make your bookings.

Recommended Hotel - The Oberoi Udaivilas

This breathtaking hotel looks like something straight out of a fairytale. With a floating lotus pond, lake Pichola and a number of luxurious suites, this is the perfect romantic getaway for a couple.

Recommended Dinner - Jag Mandir

A palace in the middle of lake Pichola, Jag Mandir offers dinner with a boat ride to the centre. Though it is a little on the expensive side, costing more than Rs 10,000, the experience is once in a lifetime.

Great Rann Of Kutch

It is located in the Thar desert and is the famous host of Rann Utsav held every year to celebrate the culture and festivities of Gujarat. It is famous for its large area of salt marshes that resemble white sand and make for a picturesque landscape.

Recommended Hotel - Rann Village Resort

The Rann Village Resort offers a range of craft villas and even luxury swiss tents, making it the best and the most romantic place to stay at. My favourite is the pool view swiss tent which makes for a good rendezvous spot.

Recommended Dinner - City The Village

This place offers the best food in the city, with a wide range of authentic Indian food alongside Mexican and Asian. If you’re going for the authentic experience then the best dishes to try out would be the Gujarati ones.


The ‘Goa Chalein?’ plan can finally take place this December! Pack your bags and spend the midnight by the beach because what sounds better? Some beer, bae and the sun! Goa is a popular destination, so don’t pick this option if you are someone who is afraid of crowds. Because most college kids had the same idea and are probably looking for resorts right now. Book in advance, play smart and you can turn this into a trip of a lifetime.

Recommended Hotel - W Goa

A luxury beach resort which perfectly inculcates the ‘Goa’ vibe with its brightly coloured lights and airy rooms. A part of the Marriott group of properties, it also offers you a range of activities you can experience with your partner including therapy baths and couples massages. Also, the best New Year’s Eve party to attend is at HillTop, which is a hub for famous bands, DJs and singers.

Recommended Dinner - Calamari

Crabs by the beach is something you need to check off your bucket list! Their food is amazing and the view of the Dando beach is the perfect way to kick off your new year. Sun, sea and sand, paired with a mimosa!



This little French town in a hidden treasure located near Chennai. Its iconic white town is what makes it so memorable. Take a walk down the beach road with your partner and feel the romance in the air. Don’t forget to have a look at the French boutiques, and take a trip to Auroville.  

Recommended Hotel - Le Dupleix

Owned by the man behind Hidesign, Dilip Kapoor, Le Dupleix is located at the beach road and makes for a wonderful stay. Airy, simple and sophisticated, it takes you back to the basics with its wooden furniture and insta-worthy room with canopy beds and seating corners across the corridors.

Recommended Dinner - The Courtyard

Le Dupleix’s very own restaurant, The Courtyard is set in the open veranda of the hotel. It offers a great seven course meal which will spoil you like a queen. With a combination of French and Indian cuisines, it has something for everyone under a huge mango tree.

Sri Lanka

An island which is an unforgettable cultural experience, with its temples and monasteries, Sri Lanka will get you hooked onto its scenic landscapes and thrilling adventures. From chilling at the beach to activities like trekking, hiking, deep sea diving, hot air ballooning, and whale watching, there are a hundred ways for you to bond with bae over your trip to this island.

Recommended Hotel - Shangri La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

Facing the southern coast of Sri Lanka, the golf resort and spa is a brilliant way to spend the New Year’s Eve relaxing. If you and your partner are looking for some down time, to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the luxury of a warm hotel room, this is your best option. Their janapathi suite and the trip to an artisan village is the highlight of this resort.

Recommended Dinner - Spice Traders

Located in the Anantara Kalutara Resort, Spice Traders takes you on a culinary journey through Asia. The best of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine offered in a glass house with a gorgeous view of a water body, this is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations for a reason.

Bali, Indonesia

Known for its volcanoes, coral reefs, beaches and rice paddies, Bali makes for a wonderful vacation for two. The perfect tropical destination, Bali immerses you in a world of beautiful coral reefs, underwater diving and adventure sports.

Recommended Hotel - The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

With a private beach and pool facing rooms, this eco friendly resort transports you into the lap of luxury without being over-the-top. You’d probably spend the entire day chilling at a cabana by the beach and we don’t blame you!

Recommended Dinner - Locavore

Everything you eat at this restaurant is organic and locally grown. It offers an intimate casual dining experience, with chefs Ray and Eelke preparing some Insta-worthy meals curated to give you peak into the Indonesian taste buds.

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