Warning: Major LOL's Ahead! These Hilarious Memes & Tweets Left Us In Splits In 2018

Warning: Major LOL's Ahead! These Hilarious Memes & Tweets Left Us In Splits In 2018

The past year, 2018 has been full of so many eventful things! Some good and so many bad. If you think tweets are all about bad news, arguments and stressful conversations, take a look at these memes! They will have you ROFL-ing’ all the way into 2019! Memes on marriage are the best memes that we encountered and are just fun to read.

Let's take a walk down meme-ory lane, shall we? These are some of funniest Indian memes that we spotted in 2018! 

1. So true, this!

2. The story of *ALL* our lives

3. Relatable AF, right? 

4. Is this even possible?

5. Every 15th of August be like...

6. Anyone else experienced this too?




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7. Any new year resolutions?

8. After all that Deep-Veer saga

9. Wasn't this on all our minds?

10. When the pictures kept bombarding us!

11. And whoever thought this was possible?

12. Now you know why I am single

13. White people problems

14. CA anyone?

15. Every winter morning

16. All hail Google maps!

17. Uber diaries

18. For all those Goa plans with friends that did not work out

19. When bae can't take his eyes off the phone



22. Yet another Deep-Veer classic

23. Definitely better than the original

23. Indian Marvel heroes!

25. Indian aunties be like

26. <Giggles>

27. Happens to me every night!

28. Driving cars in Mumbai be like

29. RIP

30. I can't, just can't!

31. Diwali prep this year was like

32. Hehe Ditto




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Itni khushi, itni #khushi mujhe aaj tak nahi hui!😄

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33. Traveling in trains be like

34. Childhood flashback

35. Does this happen to you too?

36. The story of every husband

37. Drunken parties be like

38. Starbucks or nothing!

39. Dance of the year

40. Net resolution evolution

41. Why? <Eyeroll>

42. And one more!

43. #RelationshipGoals

44. Me every morning

45. Our business is our business, none of your business!

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