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If You Are A Resident Of Single-Town, This Video Is For You!

If You Are A Resident Of Single-Town, This Video Is For You!

Single as a Pringle, but afraid to mingle?

When you're single it seems like you have a gigantic neon sign pointing towards you at all times. Everyone has advice to give, everyone wants you to "settle down" and apparently every problem in your life would end if you found your special someone. Can't zip up a dress? Your boyfriend would do it. No company to watch a movie? If you had a boyfriend, this wouldn't be a problem. BIG hair fall problem? Having a boyfriend would mean less stress, so you would lose less hair.

On a serious note, while everyone is trying to set you up with anyone, you need someone who you can get to know at your own pace and time. This, of course, needs to be your decision. Watch this video to relate to all the annoying things that happen when you are single!

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Published on Dec 24, 2018
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