Lacy Or Lazy: 10 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping For Lingerie

Lacy Or Lazy: 10 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping For Lingerie

Lingerie shopping is like shopping for your mood, vibe and second skin all at once. It decides the way you feel with the fit and material and style. Say ‘aye’ if lingerie shopping needs you to set a day aside and plan things ahead, because girl, SAME! Here are the more common thoughts that every woman would go through while shopping for some intimate wear!

1. Let’s do this. I have cancelled all my appointments for the day. I am here at 11 am. I no longer own a functioning breast holder. I need this!

2. Why do I freeze up every time I have to pick the right size? I’ve been wearing bras for as long as I can remember and it’s been the right size. OR has it?

3. Okay, breathe. Wait. What. How many types have suddenly transpired? Have I not been bra shopping in THAT long?

2 jockey woman 

4. Should I just go for the usual or do I want to look at the other stuff? Maybe we can go out on a limb this time. Get adventurous! This is your time! OMG! Jockey Woman lingerie has such pretty things.

5. But I do need a nude and black bra for office.

6. Ooh, this lacy negligee is gorgeous! But wait, who’s going to see?

7. Wait. No. I will see, I will look in the mirror and I WILL KNOW that I am wearing a sexy pair of colour code underwear.

 7 jockey woman

8. How adorable is this set! I used to wear a lot of things like these back when I was younger… Oh no, I am sounding like my mother. We are getting this trendy set NOW!

9. Do people actually wear this? What does this cover though?


10. Okay, I am done and have all that I need. A day well-spent guys!

We know that our lingerie is the truest form of self-expression. It always knows you better than the rest. It knows every curve and every need. Jockey Woman understands your needs and your mood, she knows you!

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