Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: All The Silly Incidents That'll Make You Want To Stay Single

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: All The Silly Incidents That'll Make You Want To Stay Single

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, the famous reboot of Ekta Kapoor's superhit eponymous show, has almost finished two months on Indian television. After watching it for weeks at length, I have talked about everything, from Prerna and Anurag's chemistry to the most ridiculous incidents that have happened on the show. 

This time, I have compiled the most WTF moments in the last two weeks. The show has officially made it to the 'Hindi TV serial' list with extremely long pauses, 10-minute dance sequences, and boring conversations. Here are four such incidents that led to my brain cells committing suicide. 

1. Anurag & Prerna Are Still Playing The Friend Card 

Let's give our hero a reality check! He is constantly trying to find ways to break off her engagement and even promised her that he'll never let her get married to Naveen. Yet, the two are 'just friends.' Prerna, too, is jealous of any girl who is around Anurag and looks for him in a crowded room. Adorable? Yes. Frustrating? Definitely. 

2. Naveen Gets Away With An Elaborate Lie 

WTF moments on kasautii zindagii kay - prerna

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Naveen, Anurag's uncle (his mom's muh bola Bhai) and Prerna's fiancé, is an absolute creep. And I have spoken about this in my previous articles but Ekta Kapoor's clearly isn't reading them because this man just keeps getting creepier. Anurag made a master plan, sneaked into Madhuri's (Naveen's mistresses) house and stole pictures of her and Naveen to prove that he is a cheater. But alas, Hindi TV show villains just wiggle out of tricky situations, and Naveen got away with him by declaring to the audience that Madhuri is his bhabhi and he takes care of her. A believable sob story? Not really. For a family of brilliant, rich people, the Basus aren't very bright. 

3. Anurag Doesn't Know How To Use A Mobile Phone 

Ekta Kapoor's Romeo is still stuck in the 16th century. If Nick can FaceTime PC from a restaurant in Paris, then Anurag Basu can FaceTime Prerna too, can't he? But instead, he chooses to find a ladder, climb up her balcony and 'talk' her into breaking it off with Naveen. Shesh, desperate much? She isn't listening to you, anyway. 

4. Are Anurag & Prerna Engaged? 

WTF moments on kasautii zindagii kay - prerna and anurag

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A question that Prerna Sharma keeps repeating through the episode as well. Need context? Well, last week Prerna's engagement ring was too loose for her finger, so she went to Anurag to ask him for help. Anurag managed to fix it somehow but in the process, slipped the ring onto Prerna's finger. Oops! Now the two are strongly considering the fact that they might have gotten engaged. They also sat for the Laxmi puja as a couple on Diwali because Naveen burnt his finger (a story for another day). In short, the couple that is meant to be is being pushed together by the universe and pulled apart by Ekta Kapoor. 

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