Priyanka Gill Has Won The CNBC Young Business Woman Awards 2018 | POPxo

We're So Proud: Our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill Has Won The 'Young Business Women Awards 2018'!

We're So Proud: Our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill Has Won The 'Young Business Women Awards 2018'!

There is no better occasion than Diwali to announce that our Founder & CEO, Priyanka Gill, has just won the Young Business Woman Awards 2018 at the CNBC Young Turks Conclave! When asked how she feels about this new feather in the hat, Priyanka had this to say, "It is pretty surreal to be felicitated the Young Business Women Awards 2018. I grew up watching and being inspired by CNBC Young Turks - the entrepreneurs featured were the ones you looked up to."


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She added, "The POPxo journey has been the most rewarding one to be on. As I sat in the audience, before the announcement, I thought back on how magnificently exciting and turbulent the past years have been. The lows matched with the brilliant highs. The key to dealing with both depends on having faith on the one certainty: Both the highs and lows are fleeting. The magic is the daily work. Over the past four years, I have internalised this. Now I simply take a moment to feel elated, or a moment to recoup and then move on."

The Young Business Woman Awards started as a campaign by CNBC in 2016 to recognise and felicitate Indian business women who are pushing the boundaries of doing business across various sectors. Cheers to the #BossWoman and here's to more such recognition and awards. We are super proud of her.

"My sincere thanks to my amazing team. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely ride. It is only doable because of your colleagues. Their caring and passion become your rock," said Priyanka. 

In 2014, Priyanka Gill launched POPxo - India’s largest digital community for women. An ambitious entrepreneur, she built the company into a highly data-driven media-tech platform. She was ahead of the market in spotting the big gap in female-focused content. She created POPxo as a safe and empowering destination for women users where they can read, watch, shop and hangout as a community without any judgement and with privacy.

Today, with over 19 million monthly users, POPxo is where it is because of Priyanka's guidance and leadership. In the past one year, we have launched Plixxo - India’s largest influencer marketing platform, created our first ever webseries called 'Unmarried' and announced our very own e-commerce platform. Four years into the business, there is no stopping her.

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