Lisa Haydon Got Married For The Second Time At The Same Venue For This Adorable Reason!

Lisa Haydon Got Married For The Second Time At The Same Venue For This Adorable Reason!

Two years ago, on October 29, 2016, model and actress Lisa Haydon got married to her longtime beau Dino Lalvani in Phuket, Thailand and surprised us all. The wedding was a gorgeous beachside private affair, attended by the closest family and friends only. In a beautiful white gown, Lisa looked ethereal and the two made an amazing couple. If you've forgotten, let me take you down the memory lane!



They had an adorable little baby boy soon after that and named him Zack Lalvani!

On their second wedding anniversary, the couple flew down to their wedding destination and renewed their marital vows. But what made the second time a charm and even more beautiful was that their little one-and-a-half-year-old son.


Lisa shared a beautiful family picture on Instagram of the same spot with a very moving caption. It said:

"Two years ago on this spot of beach, we said yes to a whole new life. Thank you for making me a much better .... tennis player(what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger😆). You have truly taught me what it means to be.... a Gypsy.. and You are hands down the worlds best... Instagram photographer. Jokes aside, happy anniversary, best dad, tech visionary and always full of surprises— out there acing life! We Love YOU xx
P.S. Zack is a happy kid I promise. This picture nutshells how he feels about family photos where his parents struggle to look good while he nails blue steel in every shot 🙄"


She even shared a story on her account where they were both wearing their wedding outfits. Lisa had baby Zack in her arms while Dino slid the ring on her finger, a second time. And according to the caption, since Zack wasn't present at the first one, they decided to have a second wedding for him. 

Isn't that so romantic? We know it is!

Images: Lisa Haydon On Instagram

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