Khushi Kapoor Approved *Birthday Looks* To Serve Along With Cake At Your Big Bash

Khushi Kapoor Approved *Birthday Looks* To Serve Along With Cake At Your Big Bash

You know that super confusing feeling that hits you right when you enter your birthday month - the one that is partly excitement level max but also stress level max? It is exclusive to a birthday countdown, isn't it? Especially if you're a fashion girl like yours truly. 

The excitement comes from it being your birthday month. Duh. The nervous, stomach-in-knots feeling comes from... the fact that you have to decide an outfit for the big day. Ladies, the struggle is real. So, it is never too early to start working on an outfit that you can truly shine in, like the queen you are and always will be. 

Lucky for you, it's Bollywood's most stylish celeb kid's birthday today! Khushi Kapoor, the bringer-back of tube tops, crosses over into adulthood today as she turns 18. And there is plenty of incredible style inspo she has given us fashion girls this past year - most of which is birthday worthy and how. 

With Khushi Kapoor's guidance, I am going to point you in the right direction. Let me help you land a P.H.A.T birthday outfit, no matter what you're planning on doing or who you're planning on spending it with. Here are all the OOTDs you can choose out of, depending on your birthday plans!

1. The 'Sundowner Birthday Gig' Flirtatious Dress


2. The 'Birthday Dinner With The Fam' Coord Set


3. The 'Big Birthday Blowout' Risqué Gown


4. The Low-key 'Girls-Night-In Birthday' OOTD


5. The 'Birthday Brunch' Blush Sundress


6. The 'Champagne Lunch' Ruffled Dress


7. The 'Birthday With Bae' Sheer Midi Dress


You could pick the type of birthday outfit you want. Or you could just borrow one from your sister's closet, just like Khushi borrows clothes from Janhvi's! On that note, let's wait and watch out for Khushi Kapoor's birthday outfit for 2018. We're pretty sure it'll be a knockout. 

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