Here Are All The Things That I'd Do At Ranveer & Deepika's Wedding If I Could Gatecrash It!

Here Are All The Things That I'd Do At Ranveer & Deepika's Wedding If I Could Gatecrash It!

Unless you do not care about Bollywood news at all, which I don't think is possible, you'll know that Ranveer and Deepika's wedding festivities start from tomorrow, 14th November. The guests have all reached Lake Como, where the couple will have a beautiful lakeside wedding. We know the location is breathtakingly beautiful and the wedding will be a spectacle but, sadly for all of us, there is a no-mobile rule that the couple has implemented. This is done to make sure that images of their intimate wedding are not shared on the internet without their permission. As a DeepVeer shipper, who has been waiting for their wedding since forever, it's a little heartbreaking that I'm not getting to see the magic happen in real time.

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That got me thinking about what I'd do if I was invited to this super-exclusive wedding of our Ram and Leela. Okay, the invitation is a little far-fetched but what if I could gatecrash the wedding? So here are the things I'd do if I was a part of the festivities. Humour me in my daydreaming and read on. You know you'd do all these things too if you were there!

1. Did you know that all their cutlery is going to be Versace? I'd be clicking pictures with the plates left, right and centre. Also, if nothing else, I'd sneak a dessert spoon into my clutch as a souvenir.

I condone this behaviour but I never said I'm above it!

stealing ranveer deepika

2. With exclusively prepared dishes, that I will find nowhere else in the world, you can bet that I'll be stuffing myself till I'm about to burst.

And when it comes to food, you should know that I can hog! Also, if my friends are lucky, or I'm feeling extra nice, I might just bring some back for them too! Who cares that it's perishable? :P

3. Once I'm done eating, I'd go dance in Ranveer's baraat. If someone is going to have an epic baraat, it is him!

Also, all that workout will enable a second round of hogging.

dancing in baraat ranveer deepika

4. Find the closest single male relative of either Ranveer or Deepika and try to get with him. 

Who wouldn't want to be a part of this family?

5. I'd try and show off my acting prowess to SRK, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Farah Khan so that they sign me for their next movie.

Even if it's for the role of the actress' ditzy best friend! Remember, Sweetu from Kal Ho Na Ho? I wouldn't mind that role.

acting ranveer deepika

6. Even if I don't impress them with my skills, I'd still try to hang out with them. SRK seems like a pretty chilled out guy!

Can you imagine all the industry gossip I'd get? 

7. I would help out the parents of the couple with the preparations for some good karma.

And as SRK said in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, "Jo shaadi wale ghar main seva karta hai, usko bahut sundar dulhan milti hai." Or in my case, dulha!

help out ranveer deepika

8. I'd fit ALL my outfits with a spy cam since they have a strict no-pictures policy.

Not only will I be able to sell them for money (privacy, what privacy?), I'd also need it as proof that I was at the wedding!

9. I'd somehow make sure that Deepika's kaleera falls on me!

Looking at them in love, I want to get married too!

kaleeras deepika ranveer

One thing you can be sure of is that once I'm back from the wedding, I won't be a commoner anymore. I'd be the 'IT' girl who was present at the wedding of the year. You know how to contact me if you want to invite me as a chief guest for social events! *wink*

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