7 Badass Biker Girls Who Prove That Unconventional Is The New Sexy

7 Badass Biker Girls Who Prove That Unconventional Is The New Sexy

After years and years of mansplaining and social stereotypes shutting women down, we have finally decided to give it back. From picking up unconventional careers to smashing patriarchy, we as a species are just killing it. And while we take the due credit for everything that we do, we also want to give a huge shoutout to every woman who stands up for herself and others. So, while we firmly believe that unconventional is the new sexy, we constantly have reminders from badass women who have been proving it time and again.

Biking is believed to be a ‘man’s thing’, there are some extremely daring and inspiring women out there who have proved things otherwise. They have not only revolutionized the belief systems, globally but have also set an example for every little girl aspiring to do anything out of the ‘ordinary’. And not to forget that they look super hot too! So, here is a list of 7 badass biker girls who have been giving us major goals with their badassery! Meet them and other fab bikers with their mean machines at the Rider’s Music Festival at JLN, New Delhi.

1. Roshni Misbah

2.  Priyanka Kochchar




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I find it super hard to open my eyes for 5am shoots. I'm a grump that will bite you if you try to get me to talk in the morning. 🦊Just ask @rishaadmody @vidhaatraman 😂😂. Coffee, Breakfast, Rock-n-Roll, even cute pups- nothing can get me going ☕🎸🐶. Until I'm put on a motorcycle🏍️. The eyes, they don't just open, they 🤩 and I become the ⚽ of energy everyone knows me to be. ❤️ . . That @royalenfield Interceptor 650 disco tank though! 💥 📸 Injured soldier @vibhor__yadav #ForgetCoffee #ThisGirlNeedsMotorycles #BikeWithGirlThings #mornings #Sunrise #RoyalEnfieldTwins #PickYourPlay #launch #royalenfield #dainesecrew #agvrider #interceptor #interceptor650 #continentalgt650 #royalenfield #continentalgt #travel #himalayan #goa #India #ridermania2018 #ridermania #saturday #weekend #retwins #chrome #india #goa

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3. Neharika Yadav

4. Bharti Chauhan

5. Vidhi Malla


6. Urvashi Patole




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There's something magical about riding in the rain... Soaked to the bone, splashing through muddy trails, navigating through the fog and watching clouds adrift. I wouldn't mind living in a little cottage in a rain-soaked forest, making my living by writing stories and shooting videos, growing my own vegetables and warming myself in front of the tandoor as I hear the frogs croak their nightly songs. Would definitely have some extra space for my biking kindred and warm food to spare. Taking them for a spin around the plantation and sharing with them stories to take home. A simple life is all I need. :) Would you join me @peaceand_freedom? #happyliving #lifeisbeautuful #bikerwomen #photooftheday #royalenfield #himalayan #thebikerni #revit #revitwomen #igers #rain #monsoon #trailriders #adventure #advriders

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7. Anam Hashim




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First of all thank you for all the suggestions. I have been thinking to put this motorcycle to some good use since I have retired this motorcycle and I'll be training more on offroad than stunt ahead so stunt life is kinda on hold.I am done riding upto 250cc segment in freestyle, i need more powerful bike now . Meanwhile I want to help one girl who is passionate about learning some STREETBIKE FREESTYLE skills. I purchased this motorcycle when I wanted to start learning skills without anyones support all by myself by doing several part time jobs initially . I know why women don't choose this field of motorcycling. Infact I get a lot of messages from girls who actually want to learn some skills but have financial issues or family isn't supportive n so on. I cannot do much for everyone out there but I believe if I can even help ONE WOMAN in the country, I'll be really happy. Trust me I am dying to see a girl getting involved in extreme motorcycling so rather than just sitting and waiting for someone to arrive. I am ready to help ONE WOMAN by providing MY STUNT MOTORCYCLE & definitely some skill training. So feel free to nominate the most eligible girl you know of & tell me why she should get this opportunity... You are free to nominate yourself too, only if you have a genuine reason to think that you deserve the opportunity ... I will select one girl on 15th of September on the basis of above answer. No clauses, no terms and conditions... Help someone get that little push to start something new ! *Only for residence of India * Only valid till November* #AnamHashim21 #RealWomenPushEachOther #GirlsWhoRide #Dreams #GoForIt #WomenEmpowerment #TalkLessDoMore #LiftEachOther #DreamsMotorsports (My motorcycle is not for sale & the winner will have to get their own riding gears for training. Location - Pune, Training time will be decided as per my availability)

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If you’re a biking enthusiast or simply love to admire them, then join these girls and many more at the Rider’s Music festival on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2018 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. You can also catch these women from the Delhi Bikerni group along with RJ Swati from Red FM for an all women’s bike ride on the 2nd December at the Biker’s Cafe, Gurgaon.

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