7 Reasons Why Ranveer Is The Man Of Deepika's Dreams And Their Love Is *Forever*

7 Reasons Why Ranveer Is The Man Of Deepika's Dreams And Their Love Is *Forever*

It. Is. Finally. Happening.

Deepika. And. Ranveer. Are. Getting. Married.

After not officially talking about their relationship for six long long years, Deepika and Ranveer have told the world loud and clear that they are tying the knot and being each others forever. The two have been loved by their fans for their superb work on-screen and also just how sweet their relationship is. Bajirao-Mastani, Ram-Leela, Khilji-Padmini, Ranveer-Deepika, it's hard to pick out the most epic romance.

While we absolutely adore the elegant DP, there's no denying that Ranveer is probably one of the cutest boyfriends-fiancés out there. So let's list down all the reasons the outlandish fashion icon is the man of our Shanti Priya's dreams.

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He's completely besotted by her and he ain't afraid to show it


Image Source: Instagram

Ranveer Singh's Instagram comments on Deepika's pictures tell the world just how head-over-heels in love he is. We're sure you've heard of them umpteen times, but they are so cute that none of us can get over them.

DP's personal cheerleader to the rescue *woot woot*

Ranveer is always cheering DP on, be it by supporting her Live Love Laugh foundation or just hooting and clapping for his Mastani. He even posted a picture on his Instagram once and wrote, "Leela to my Ram...Mastani to my Bajirao... Best Actress to my Best Actor."

Who needs a bodyguard when you have Ranveer Singh as your arm candy?


Image Source: Instagram

We love us a protective boyfriend-fiance don't we?! Noticed how Ranveer is always protecting DP from crowds and paparazzi when he's around? Cause we have. P.S.: My boyfriend really needs to take tips.

Insta-perfect relationship

DP and Ranveer's comments on each other's pictures have all of us going gushy-mushy. He proclaims his love for her, showers compliments on her and is just so cutesy, that we cannot get enough. From heart emojis to “Oh hey gorgeous", he's definitely shaadi material!

If you were heartbroken that Ranveer is officially taken, get this 'Haww Ji pouch' and shed some tears.

Grand romantic gestures for the filmy lover in DP


Image Source: Instagram

Ranveer Extra Singh redefines what OTT means. He's bold in every sense of the word, be it his fashion choices or his lifestyle, so why should he not be completely crazy when he declares his love to his special lady? Remember when he followed her around with flowers? Or when he flew down to Canada to spend Valentine's Day with her when she was busy with work commitments, they're making us go, "AWWW!"

A drunk Ranveer missing DP > Everything else

On Sonam Kapoor's reception, we all saw Ranveer's drunken antics and dancing. He was clearly the star and life of the party. But what we couldn't miss was when a pyaar meh pagal aashiq drunk called DP at night. Ahh, can this boy get any cuter!?

They balance each other out


Image Source: Instagram

DeePee as a person is calmer and more reserved while Ranveer has a crazy, outgoing personality. But you know how they say, opposites attract? Clearly, in this relationship, opposites are a match made in heaven.

Now, these two are all set to start a new chapter in their life and we're counting down days. DeepVeer are just the most perfect couple. *nazar na lage*

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