Dear Auntyji #JudgeMeNot: 10 Ridiculous Things Every Woman Has Heard In Her Life

Dear Auntyji #JudgeMeNot: 10 Ridiculous Things Every Woman Has Heard In Her Life

Auntyjis a.k.a the society’s own CCTV systems. They always are in the know, almost like a super fun (non-detrimental) Illuminati! They aren’t all bad though, we have some really cool aunts who we love hanging out with. But then there are some who are a little extra. They are always around us, everywhere we go and are always ready to judge our mere existence. They are the ones at a wedding who always have a problem with the low-cut blouse the dulhan is wearing.

We put all our heads together and listed down some of the most ridiculous things auntyji has said to us!

1. Beta just look at this biodata. I am not saying you need to get married right now and obviously not to the first guy you see. But phir bhi, dekhne mein kya hai.

2. Leh, isko bhi reject kar diya? Beta you should never be too choosy, time nikal jaayega!

3. OMG! You are still not married? Now you will only have to become someone’s second wife!

kirron kher nahi gif

4. Arre beta it’s a mehndi function, what is this simple outfit you’re wearing? You really need to start dressing according to the occasion.

5. So much makeup? It is just a ceremony at home. You have such a pretty face, why ruin it with makeup? Men don’t like women who put on a lot of makeup.

6. Beta, you should lose weight now. If you don’t lose weight how are you going to look nice in your wedding photos?

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7. Is this what you are wearing to work? Why don’t you wear a kurta? *wears a kurta* Beta you should start wearing sarees to work now.

8. You have a tattoo? Who will marry you now?

9. You should apply ubtan for a glow. You’ll become fair and then it will be easy to find you a husband!

rani mukherjee aiyaa

10. The clock is ticking beta, start planning a family already.

There is no escaping these comments and there is definitely no escaping the judgement. As entertaining as it reads, we all know how it feels when these things are repeatedly said to us. For the most part, when they don’t find anything to judge it almost always comes down to the way we dress. There is genuinely no pleasing them and there will always be something that we are doing wrong.

We may not have a solution to ALL of these comments, but when it comes to clothing, you need to remember that there is only one person you need to please and that person is YOU. Your style is the way you express yourself and you can’t let anyone take that away. Craftsvilla urges you to be comfortable in your own skin and step out with confidence. #JudgeMeNot!

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