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Dear Fiancé, Please Dance And Sing Like *This* At Our Sangeet!

Dear Fiancé, Please Dance And Sing Like *This* At Our Sangeet!

How often have you seen a groom do a solo number for his bride-to-be at their sangeet? Most men who I know would rather break into an impromptu dance than learn the steps and prepare a performance. But well, this groom put in a lot of effort for a special dance performance for his bride! Meet Kapil Rana, the founder of Casa De Dance and the groom whose dance has got all the brides-to-be asking their fiancés to do the same! Kapil danced on Tu Tu Meri from Bang Bang and Do You Know by Diljit Dosanjh. Considering he's a professional, the moves were obviously executed to perfection. So just go ahead and watch the video! 




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And if that wasn't enough, he even sang for her! 

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Hey Cupid, find me someone just like him?! 


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