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#POPxoWaliDiwali: 10 Insta-Worthy Gifts For Your Bestie!

#POPxoWaliDiwali: 10 Insta-Worthy Gifts For Your Bestie!

Dear Bestie, 

You are the peanut butter to my jelly and the coffee to my doughnut. Brace yourself this Diwali because I'm going to spoil you with festive goodies and stuff your face with lots of mithai! From crunchy makhanas to scented Diwali candles, I'm going to get you the coolest gift of the season! Since I know you love variety, I've found 10 items which I think you'll *heart*. Why don't you check them out?

1. It's Raining Makhanas 

makhana fox nuts for diwali popxo shop

How's the diet coming along? I'm pretty sure you're always on the hunt to finding the perfect healthy snack. Let me tell you that your search ends here. You'll be glad to know that these fox nuts are low on calories and high on taste. They're rich sources of protein and antioxidants too. To tease your taste buds, I've found them in flavours of peri-peri, chocolate, butter caramel, vanilla coconut, cheese and herbs. Which combo would you prefer?

Price: Rs 449 for a box of 2. Buy them here.

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2. Dry Fruits That Are So Yummylicious

dry fruits like cashews  almonds  rasins for diwali from popxo shop

Nope, not kidding. These dry fruits taste so delicious that I bet you'll finish the whole jar in one go. Cashews, raisins, almonds - you name it, I will gift them ALL to you. They make yummy winter snacks and come in exciting flavours like paan, rose, caramel and lots more. 

Price: Rs 599 for a box of 3. Buy them here.

3. Let There Be Light!

scented candles for diwali from popxo shop

Since Diwali is the festival of lights, I wish you nothing but luck, love, happiness, peace, and joy. Each time you miss me, light one of these candles to remind you that I will also wish well for you. With such cute packaging and a variety of scents like jasmine, rose, lavender, ocean, and vanilla to choose from, it becomes tough for me to pick just one for you. 

Price: Rs 399 for a box of 4. Buy them here.

4. Things To Be Grateful For...

gratitude note book for diwali popxo shop

This festive season, I would like you to pen down all the good things that happened to you this year. Blessings you are grateful for and the goals you need to achieve in the future. Think of this tiny pink book to be a diary of all things awesome.

Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

5. Your Constant Vacay Reminder

oh the places you will go phone case for diwali popxo shop

Hello? We need to plan our next bestie trip soon. In case you forget, I'm buying you this phone case to remind you that we have places to visit and memories to create. Let's start making them during this Diwali break, okay?

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

6. Own It Like A Boss!

no stopping me laptop skin for diwali popxo shop

You're this one person who has always had big dreams and visions - let no one stop you. This fancy laptop skin is to remind you that you are awesome, ambitious and an achiever. Go get'em, tiger!

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here

7. Kill Them With Kindness (Oops, Sorry, Sarcasm) 

sarcasm cushion for diwali popxo shop

Just in case those inquisitive aunties visit you on Diwali and ask you, "Beta Shaadi Kab Karoge?", throw this cushion at them. It's bound to zip their mouths for good. *Giggles*

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

8. Sass It Up

haww ji pouch for diwali popxo shop

You need a makeup and stationery pouch that defines your raw yet sweet personality - let this be the one for you. This psychedelic marigold pouch blends with the festive season and makes a quirky item to carry in your bag. 

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here

9. But First, COFFEE

coffee mug for diwali popxo shop

Hey, busy bee! In spite of ditching all my plans, I want you to know that I still love you. Work gets the best of our time and this mug is to remind you of all the coffee dates we've missed. Can we do one soon?

Price: Rs 449. Buy it here.

10. A Tote Bag That Sums My BFF Up!

sweet and saucy for diwali popxo shop

Sweet and saucy - that's what you are! I know Diwali is the festival of mithai too, but once in a while, it's good to have someone who's saucy and fun at the same time. You are that person to me!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

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Published on Oct 23, 2018
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