5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Fasting On Karwa Chauth To Help Your Husband Live Longer!

5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Fasting On Karwa Chauth To Help Your Husband Live Longer!

Ladies, it's Karwa Chauth tomorrow! And we know all the preparations have started already. You will fast all day long, right from the sunrise to the moon rise and pray for your husband's long life and safety. A Karwa Chauth fast is considered to be the most difficult of all rituals and customs a married woman follows, as it requires no food or even water. We respect all your beliefs, but do you realise that it does affect your health in ways more than you can imagine? How about you take care of your husband's long life and safety in a much healthier and wiser way? Read on to know things you can do instead to help your husband live longer.

1. Anti-ageing food

Things You Can Do Instead To Help Your Husband Live Longer 2

Get him into a habit of eating certain food items. Don't be surprised! Certain scientific evidence has proved that some food items can increase lifespan and it's time you include those items in his diet without any delay. Food items like walnut, split peas, carrots, coconut, sweet potato, pomegranate, blueberries, spinach, avocado, chia seeds, broccoli, flax seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds are a great source of nutrients that actually help you live longer. If he's a seafood lover, add mackerel and salmon in his diet. 

2. Yoga

Yoga plays a major role in maintaining a healthy and balanced life. Your husband might be doing yoga, but is he doing the right asanas which will help him live longer? Get him to do the half moon, dolphin pose, half pigeon pose, locust pose, tadasana and bhujangasana. Or better you guys do it together and follow it as a daily morning ritual.

3. De-stress

Things You Can Do Instead To Help Your Husband Live Longer 1

Chronic stress can lead to certain diseases which eventually lead to death. Too much of stress does affect your body and causes a lot of damage. Especially heart diseases, cancer, and lung-related problems. Don't let your husband have too much of caffeine, it adds on to the stress. Get him to meditate, or read a light-hearted book before he dozes off. A good relaxing hot water shower also helps to relax and soothe your body letting go all the stress. On days when he is too tired or stressed pamper him with a nice aromatic body massage.

4. Seat belt reminder

The most important thing of all. They say it right, Jaan hai toh jahaan hai! We aren't saying your husband is irresponsible. But there may be times, when he is in rush or just forgets to tie the seat belt, that's when you need to remind it. In fact, on days when you guys go out, party and booze always book a cab or take your driver with you. Never allow him to drive, no matter how much he insists on being careful while driving.

5. Positive outlook

Things You Can Do Instead To Help Your Husband Live Longer 3

A positive attitude brings in a lot of change in the way you deal with your life and hence it's very important to shoo away all the negative thoughts peeping in your husband's mind. Research says, a positive attitude towards life and ageing increases a person's will to live. It makes a person look forward to life and be more proactive about maintaining a good health and not worry about things that may be going wrong.

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