Kitne Guna Mile: We've Debunked A Few Myths About Kundlis To Make Your Life Easier!

Kitne Guna Mile: We've Debunked A Few Myths About Kundlis To Make Your Life Easier!

However anti millennials may be of the old school astrological match-making, our mums never get enough of it. Whenever you go and break the news about a guy who may be a prospective suitor, the first thing she wants to do is match your kundlis. If the score is below 18, he is outrightly rejected and if it is above 30, oh, her happiness knows no bounds. For us, though, a number doesn't define a relationship. Or, does it?

To understand the science behind kundli and the 36 matchmaking gunas that are a part of it, we got in touch with Pundit Manav Jaitly, who has a scientific approach to astrology, exactly what we were looking for. And trust us ladies, he has told us things that we had no idea about! It's time we tell you all these myths that most of the astrologers are scaring you with!

Myth 1: Being Manglik does NOT mean that you have to marry a Manglik only!

Yes, that's right. Manav broke this truth to us that if either partner is Manglik, the other partner's stars and planetary positions need to be such that they nullify the Manglik partner's dosha. That's very simple and can be established through one's patri

kundli astrology

Myth 2: All the 8 categories of kundli do NOT apply to you!

This one was the biggest revelation of our day. So, let us break it down for you in simple words. 

There are 8 categories matchmaking and they are known as koot or kootas. They are Varna or Jati, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi.

Now, when you get your kundli matched, you are scored for all of these and the total is taken into consideration. However, Manav told us that that's not the right way to do it as per the holy scripts. 

couple kundli

He told us that only certain categories apply to any given person. It is based on where one's forefathers were based out of. Because India has always been a country that believed in regionalism and casteism, it is very much applicable to astrology. So, if you and your partner couldn't get a good score because your Nadi score was zero, it could be fine because Nadi may not even apply to you two.

That's amazing right?!

Myth 3: A low score does NOT mean a bad marriage.

If you think that a score below 18 means the marriage will be bad, that's not true. This is a prevalent myth among most people. Patri matching matters much more than the kundli matching score, said Manav. He calls patri the base of the building of your relationship. The score of your kundli is probably all the fancy embellishments you may put inside your house, which may or may not matter. What matters is your foundation to keep the building standing, which should depend on your birth charts.

So, as per Manav, even a kundli score of 14 is fine, provided other things match well.


Myth 4: Similarly, a score of 36 is also bad!

Surprised? So were we. A kundli matching score of 36 means that the marriage is *not* recommended, said Manav. Citing the epic marriage between Rama and Sita as an example and how it was not a particularly happy marriage, he told us why the highest score is a bad score. In fact, anything above 34 may not be very lucky.

Now, that we are talking about kundli, it doesn't mean we are saying that you go out and get it matched if you want to marry someone you love. We are total suckers for compatibility and that's it. But if it has to be done, it should be done in the right way.

This makes much more sense girls, doesn't it? Tell us what you think.

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