Malaika Arora Gives You The Ultimate Hairstyle Look Book For This Week!

Malaika Arora Gives You The Ultimate Hairstyle Look Book For This Week!

Malaika Arora is ageing like fine wine and looking better with every passing moment. Her hair and makeup game is almost always on point and sometimes, she surpasses that point with sheer elan! Last week she killed it with her hair and makeup game on the show India's Next Top Model. She has tried out enough looks for us to catalogue them for the week. A date? Brunch with the girls? Big meeting? Malaika Arora has you covered for all!

1. Mermaid waves for Monday

malaika arora khan mermaid waves on instagram

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Freshly washed hair is what you need for this hairdo. You could swing this with second-day hair, but you would need loads of dry shampoo. Use a large barrel curling iron, which is at least 1.25 to 1.5 inches thick to get these mermaid waves. The thicker the barrel the more effortless the curls.

Here are three different ways to get this look!

2. Half up half down with previous day curls for Tuesday

malaika arora khan half up half down

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So you've already got the mermaid waves, but you might notice that your roots are falling flat and might start looking greasy. To amp up the volume, just spray your roots with your favourite dry shampoo, take a section of hair from your crown and tie it up into a ponytail. This helps you show off your mermaid waves and also gives volume to your roots. This is one of those cute hairstyles that you could rock with a floral dress for brunch.

3.  If curls are not your thing, go for sleek and straight for Wednesday

malaika arora khan sleek and straight hair on instagram

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Are curls not your calling? That's okay! You could spray any heat protectant spray on your hair, this is an important step if you want to make sure your hair doesn't crackle and pop at the next step. Then use a wide flat iron to get super sleek straight hair. A wide base on the flat iron ensures the heat is distributed correctly, especially when you're restyling your  hair over the curls. You could let this hairstyle be as Malaika has, but you could also create a sleek low ponytail if you need to keep your hair away from your face.

Here's how you can get the PERFECT ponytail every single time!

4. Sleek low bun to cut away the grease (for Thursday)

malaika arora khan chignon on instagram

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It's probably day three or four. Your hair is not feeling the freshest but you have a big meeting. We will take a leaf out of Malaika Arora's style book and go for a low chignon. It makes you look serious and it means business! Gather all of your hair two inches above your nape. Start twisting the hair, and then wrap the twists around itself to form a bun. You could use a regular hair tie or bobby pins to secure the bun. If you need it to look sleeker, just take some hair spray or shine serum on a toothbrush and tame the strays. 

5. High top knot for Friday

malaika arora khan top knot bun on instagram

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The top knot is the perfect hair look when you have a party after work and no time to wash your hair. If you're feeling extra fancy, you could do a donut top knot! You have the option to make this hairstyle as messy or as sleek as you'd like.

Here are three ways to get the high bun absolutely right!

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