Dear Husband, I Want To Make Love At These 8 Random Places Because Why Not!

Dear Husband, I Want To Make Love At These 8 Random Places Because Why Not!

The first few months after marriage can be crazy. A new home, different environment and new people can make things a tad overwhelming but if you love each other and are having greaaat sex. Yes, the kind of sex that makes life seem good and your toes curl. But you know what can really make settling into the routine fun? Experimenting in bed with your husband. The sofa can get a little boring after a few times, so my dear husband, here are a few places that we should try hooking up. 

1. On the stairs

It sounds like a task because it's too hard a base to straddle on and it might hurt your back, but even after all that, you know want it. Be it in a missionary position or a lap loving, those stairs can be put to some good use in too many ways. And I swear, once we do it, the two of us will never look at those stairs the same way again. Let's try?!

Make love on the stairs with husband

2. In the shower

It may sound cliché to you, but this is something I want. Like really, really want. Just imagine us get wet and wild in the shower instead of the bed!

3. In the pool

Remember the time we went to Sri Lanka and had an infinity pool overlooking the Indian ocean right outside our hotel room? That's when I actually wanted to get into the pool, for a quickie. I wanted us to kiss under the starry sky with the rustling of the waves and make some deep intense love. Let's do it on our next trip? What say? 

love in pool

4. In front of a mirror

In front of a mirror with the lights on. Yes, I want to see how intense it gets when we are super into it! Also, need to see how sexy I look when I am turning you on. Wouldn't you want to see that too? *Wink* 

5. On the roof

"On the roof in the rain", Remember this song from Mastii? How about we plan a nice romantic dinner date on our roof which would lead to some naughty lamhe without having to worry that we will get caught. 

love on the roof

6. On the beach

This one, even I know is on your wishlist. It's not just romantic, but also helps to get in the mood at an exotic location. How about we plan a short weekend stay in a private beach hut and go out in the night for walks, hand in hand, and then make some love on a stranded boat by the sea? Don't worry, I will carry a beach towel in order to avoid the sand for the obvious reasons. Love is important, but I definitely don't want an itchy butt!

7. On the kitchen table

This is one place I have always fancied and is on the top of my list of kinky things to do. I feel it's very important for lust to take over love at times. Probably, that's when you discover more about yourself and your partner. Next time, I want you to come and distract me when I am busy baking. Pull me towards yourself, turn me around, kiss my lips, lift me up onto the kitchen table and let's make our kitchen, the corner of some delicious desires. 

love in the kitchen

8. In your study room

You may be surprised to know this, but at times when you are busy reading a book in your study room, I want to bite your ears, hug you from behind, take your specs off, turn your chair around, sit on your lap and make love all night. And then get up, sip some coffee with your arms around me and snuggle. 

So dear hubby, if you're reading this, I am sure you know what your wife wants when you are home today. Dessert will be ready and delicious! 

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