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5 Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Re-Create In 10 Minutes!

5 Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Re-Create In 10 Minutes!

Halloween makeup is always a little intimidating. What do you wear, how much is too much, where do you draw the line? There's so much to figure out and more often than not, very little time. There's no need to run out and buy a bunch of products that you won't be able to use for the next one year. We've found you some super-easy Halloween makeup looks that you can create in under 10 minutes and still look like you've spent hours getting creative. The best part, you can use your existing makeup stash to create these looks, check em' out!

1. Bleeding, in love?

easy halloween makeup looks bleeding eyes makeup

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This bleeding eye makeup look is definitely going to get you a lot of attention. Do your makeup as you normally would. Use a red eyeshadow like the Coloressence H.D. Matte Eye Shade - Red (Rs 299) or use any red lipstick you already own. Blend the eyeshadow all over your eyelids and a smudge some under your eyes for an exaggerated look. Now use a blood red liquid lipstick like the Nykaa Matte To Last ! Liquid Lipstick - MumTaj 13 (Rs 550) or the Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color - Siren Red (Rs 400) and create the tears. You can just roughly drop them under your eyes or use a paintbrush to draw actual tears!

2. The Clown

easy halloween makeup looks the clown

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Whoever says clowns are scary hasn't quite seen you yet! This clown makeup look won't take you more than 5 minutes and all you need is lip liner! Use your red lip liner pencil to create swirls along your cheeks, a little kohl pencil to create the chin under your lips. Use your fingers or a brush to blur out the harsh lines. Pop on a blood red lippie and you're going to be the hottest clown in the room! If you're trying to recreate that smokey eye, here's a quick tutorial

3. The Cat

easy  halloween  makeup  looks the cat

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Because who doesn't like cats, right? This adorable Halloween makeup look will look stunning with your LBD and LRD too. You can literally create it in the car on the way to your party! All you need is your Kohl pencil. Use a twist up eyeliner pencil for more precision and control. Try the Faces Magneteyes Kajal - Lasts All Day - Black (Rs 179) and the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - 05 C'est La Vie (Rs 95) for that pop of silver under your eyes. 

4. Sexy Vampire

easy halloween makeup looks the sexy vampire

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I never thought I'd say that vampires are sexy but this vampire-inspired Halloween makeup most certainly is! Use a fine liner brush or a fine tip paint brush and some red lipstick to get this look. To draw the veins under your eyes and the blood under your lips, use a burgundy red lipstick like the Incolor Matte Me Ultra-Smooth Matte Lip Cream - 423 (Rs 265). For your lips, you could use the same lipstick and top it off with some lip gloss for an added sheen. 

5. The Nun

easy halloween makeup looks the nun

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If you're really into scaring the daylights out of people then this makeup look, inspired from the movie 'The Nun' might be right up your alley! You're going to need coloured contact lenses, a white foundation and a black creamy kohl pencil. Psssst.. A beauty blender will make the blending process easier! Try the L.A Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Liquid Foundation White (Rs 1,250) and the O-Lens Glory Contact Lenses - Gray (Rs 1390). Start by covering your face in white foundation and then use a black kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner to draw out the remaining details.

Happy Halloween guys! Stay spooky!

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