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Show Your True Colours With These 4 Shades That Look Good On Literally Everyone

Show Your True Colours With These 4 Shades That Look Good On Literally Everyone

Ever wondered why coral pink looked so great on Megan Fox but not so much on you? Or why you look SO good in burgundy but your best-friend cribs about it washing her out... Well, it's true. There are some colours that work better for you than others and vice versa - you might have even realised there is one colour that you always look good in.

What if I told you that there are colours that look good on EVERYONE, regardless of skin tone or hair colour? Four colours, to be specific. These four colours are universally flattering and there is a scientific reason behind this fascinating fact.

All of us are one of two kinds of undetones - cool or warm-  which is what buying the right kind of makeup for your tone is also based on.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at the Pantone Colour Institute believes that cerain colours flatter all skin tones and hair colours because "they provide an equal balance of warm and cool". 

These 4 colours are: 

1. RED


Image source: stylebyami on Instagram


Image source: tanghavri on Instagram

This classic closet essential is probably one because yes, it does look incredible on every skin tone on the spectrum. P.S. It always makes a statement, so, keep betting on red to ace your OOTD every single time. 

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POPxo recommends: A-Line Dress (Rs 2,490) by Zara



Image source: tanghavri on Instagram


Image source: sanjanabatra on Instagram

It's understandable that teal is a tricky colour to style but the fact remains, the colour looks good on everyone! The hack: pair it with neutrals like greys and whites to achieve success. You can also club it with red if you're looking for a radical combination...

P.S. We love this Indian bride who went off-beat and chose teal for her bridal lehenga.

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POPxo recommends: Short-sleeved Jersery Dress (Rs 1,299) by H&M



Image source: tanghavri on Instagram


Image source: stylebyami on Instagram

Given the name, the colour also brings out the natural pinkness on your face. Doesn't matter what your skin tone is, this nudish pink colour aka blush will look good on every single person. Perfect info for when you're gifting clothes, isn't it?

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POPxo recommends: Corduroy Overall Dress (Rs 1,679) by Forever 21



Image source: tanghavri on Instagram


Image source: sanjanabatra on Instagram

Also called 'eggplant', this colour tone is universally flattering! Shades of purple are known to look good on every kind of skin tone. What you didn't know is that aubergine can replace the usual neutrals in your closet - try it. It is a versatile shade that would add that pop of colour into your everyday wardrobe. 

Anushka Sharma's purple Sabyasachi outfit is one of our faves. Check it out for aubergine inspo for Indian wear.

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