10 Badass T-Shirts That Scream I Love My Boobs

10 Badass T-Shirts That Scream I Love My Boobs

Relaxed, round or asymmetric - no matter what type of boobies you have, it's essential that you cherish them and give them the requisite TLC they deserve

This Breast Cancer Awareness month, express your love for the 'ladies'. It's okay to let them swing free, and it's also okay to dress them up to feel sexy - even if it is just for yourself! It's time you own your boobs and let them be themselves. Trust us, it's the most empowering feeling ever. 

To start you off, here are 10 badass tees to let them haters know you will always do you and your boobs are precious, whether they're fun-sized or supersize, saggy or perky:

1. I Heart You, Boobs

1-romwe-boobs- tshirts-love-my-boobs-breast-cancer-awareness

Truly, madly, deeply. 

Buy Cute Print T-shirt (Rs 510)

2. Fun-sized Funbags

2-etsy- cropped-tee-tshirts-love-my-boobs-breast-cancer-awareness

I like itty bitty titties and I cannot lie. 

Itty Bitty Titty Cropped Tank (Rs 1,128)

3. White Tee-Tees


Nothing enhances your boobies like a white t-shirt.

Buy Slub Jersey Tshirt (Rs 1,499)

4. Colour 'Em Ladies


These rainbow boobie patches will colour up your outfit. 

Buy Rainbow Patched Ringer Tee (Rs 666)

5. 'The Bikini Life'


Whatever makes your boobies feel free! What's better than a bikini, amirite?

Buy White Printed Tee (Rs 495)

6. Boobie City!


The higher the neck of your t-shirt, the better your boobies will look, and therefore, feel. Trust us!

Buy T-shirt With Contrasting Ribbed Trims (Rs 999)

7. Love Them Saggy Ones, Too!


This one's for them 'relaxed' breast-esses.

Buy Saggy Boobs T-shirt Women (Rs 1,196)

8. Flower Power


Because your breasts are as delicate and beautiful as them roses. 

Buy White Flower Embroidered Ribbed Tee (Rs 510)

9. See you never, bra


It's okay, let them loose. They'll thank you for it. 

Buy Slogan Print Crop Tee (Rs 592)

10.  They're stars, alright


They have that 'x' factor, don't they? There's just something about them.

Buy Sequinned Star Top (Rs 1,099)

Show the world you love your boobies, and if you know any breast-cancer survivors who have gone through surgery make their day with Marks & Spencer's bras, which the brand has launched to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  


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