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In A Powerful Insta Post, This Bride Shared Why Her Hubby Touched Her Feet After The Wedding

In A Powerful Insta Post, This Bride Shared Why Her Hubby Touched Her Feet After The Wedding

Indian weddings are full of beautiful rituals and ceremonies. However, there is still one bit about the Indian wedding ceremony that we do not agree with. It's having to touch your husband's feet at the end of the pheras. While many do not follow it, some still believe in it. So when Plixxo Influencer Diipa Khosla tied the knot with her longtime bae, Oleg E.H. Büller from Amsterdam, they decided to do things a little differently. In a powerful Instagram post, Diipa wrote about how the couple decided to touch each other's feet to show mutual respect. She was not sure how her mum and relatives would see this, but they still went ahead with it. She even wrote about taking each others surname out of the same mutual respect. 

Diipa's post has been going viral and is full of positive and inspiring comments from her followers all over the world. Find the post below and do read the entire caption. 




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"A few months before the wedding, when my mother told us about all the steps and beautiful ceremonies of the Indian wedding, there was one contentious point: the touching of the man’s feet at the completion of the Indian Wedding ceremony. 🙌🏼 “Why is only the woman to touch the man’s feet?”, we asked. “Why not both touch each other’s feet in mutual respect?” Mom’s shocked large eyes gave away her thoughts about what people might say if Oleg was to touch my feet in return. All the anties and uncles...wouldn’t they disapprove? 😱 Though Mom’s traditional Indian background did not allow her to be sure about this being a good thing, we were sure. We would both touch each other’s feet in mutual respect from woman to man, and from man to woman. From a wife to her husband, and from a husband to his wife. 🙏🏼 As we also decided to adopt, out of that same mutual respect, each others surnames. As from today onwards we are Oleg Büller-Khosla and Diipa Büller-Khosla. (whether it would be Büller first or Khosla first was still a discussion, but I let him have that one:))😉♥️"

Isn't that wonderful and so thought-provoking?! 

Diipa and Oleg tied the knot in a royal Udaipur wedding and shared the special moments with their online family through Instagram and YouTube vlogs. If you still haven't seen the pictures, do check out all the exclusive captures from the big, fat #TheBüllslas wedding!  

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