5 Women Share The Best Sex Experience Of Their Lives & We're Feeling So Hot!

5 Women Share The Best Sex Experience Of Their Lives & We're Feeling So Hot!

Sex is passionate, beautiful, intense and raw. One thing it is not: Boring. Recently, I was on Quora searching for something, okay I was searching for sex experiences, when I came across a thread where people talked about their best sexual experiences ever. Those were everything I expected sex to be - magical, hot and make-your-toes-curl sexy. Read them to know exactly what I'm talking about!

1. The Forbidden Experience 

A woman ends up having the most intense sexual experience of her life with her boss! Shocked? Well, she was too!

"Then holding his cock in his hands, he touched my entrance, and slowly glided it inside. Being on the floor meant I was going to stay in place, as he began drilling me with his weapon. Because of the severe teasing that I had got before, it didn’t take too long for me to orgasm, and he pulled out once I did, still hard. Next, he made me climb up on the couch with my hands on the back-rest, as I kneeled back. Then he positioned himself behind me, as I guided his cock inside my pussy again, this time from behind. Soon he was pounding me again, holding my hips and pulling me back every time he thrust in, and it took a few minutes before I came once again, this time in near unison."

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2. The Gym Session That Got Interesting

What do you do if your gym instructor is a hottie you cannot resist? This, exactly this!

"He fucked me until he simply couldn't hold it anymore. Three minutes, ten minutes, it didn't matter how long. The whole scene from start to finish left me with one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life. Mark had told me he was close, had given me enough time to prepare and maybe pull back, turn around and drop to my knees to take his load, but I couldn't. My hips were transfixed in their motions, and as he cried out he was cumming, I felt my walls clamp down around his thickness. We panted, we moaned, my thighs even quivered a bit as I felt my core throb and milk him for every last drop. Needless to say, our session ended a bit early."

3. The One Where She Was Taken By Surprise

Sometimes a surprise sex session is the best thing to happen to you and we can't help but agree with this woman!

"Then he flipped me around and pinned me against the pillar. Pushed himself on me. And grinded. His rock hard manliness making rounds behind me. I arched me hips and he tightened. Then he pulled back and put his hands under my shirt. He lifted it up. Not gently. Lovely. He took my shirt off and grabbed my breasts. Continued to grind. I threw my head back. I loved his hands on my naked front. He touched everywhere. Didn't leave an inch. But I wanted something more. Something deeper. To feed the tingle. His arms explored my pelvis. And he pulled my pants down. Threw them to the floor. He unbuttoned my bra. Now there was nothing between us."

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4. Tired, Sweaty, Sexy

Can a trekking session give you the best sexual experience of your lifetime? This lady thinks so!

"By that point, we couldn't wait any longer and just stripped naked while experimenting with positions. I rode him cowgirl style as he played with my breasts, and climaxed on top of him in echoes. He was still hard when I came, so we switched to missionary with him planking over me and my bent knees straddling his torso. He likes his torso licked and ass squeezed. Then he came with a powerful orgasm inside me."

5. The Soulmate Sex

There's average sex, there is good sex and then there is soulmate sex. Sex that connects you two at a whole other level. 

"The build-up was what led to us having one of the most intensely sexual - soulful - experiences ever. He was like my soulmate - another version of myself, in male form. We had sex before but I’d never felt safe with a man to completely relinquish control, emotionally. But - I knew that the more time and the more we bonded, the more comfortable - and bold - we would both get. One day, he started playing with my nipples and fingering me - he really got off to the facial expressions of how he was pleasuring me….definitely the voyeur. And then I shocked him, as a somewhat quiet person, by forcefully commanding him to do things faster, harder unlike before….this both confused and highly aroused him, unlike anything I’ve never seen."

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