When Your Dating App Turns Out To Be Your Best Friend!

When Your Dating App Turns Out To Be Your Best Friend!

If you are single and still waiting for that perfect relationship, there’s one place that always has the answers - online. But even if you are dating for the first time or the fiftieth, finding the right person on an app is complicated. Sometimes your interests don’t match. Even when they do, your date can be the complete opposite of what you expect. 

It always helps when there is someone who’s got your back, a friend who knows your interests or what’s right and wrong for you. After all, they are the ones who know you best. This is exactly what the Aisle app does. With it’s five unique features - Wingman, Roses, Circles, Ask Out and Date Plan - it handpicks like-minded people looking to have long, meaningful relationships.

So what happens when these “friends” take the wheel to decide if you should ask a guy out? Watch the video to know more!

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*This is sponsored post for Aisle.

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