What Is It Like To Have Sex With Your Virgo Boyfriend?

What Is It Like To Have Sex With Your Virgo Boyfriend?

The sixth sign in the zodiac, Virgos practical and generous. People born under the sign are thought to be meticulous, modest and perfectionists, sometimes to the annoyance of those around them. With an extremely rich inner life, they are the shy ones. But when it comes to love and their partners, they can be quiet the opposite. As an earth sign, they love celebrating the physicality of their bond with their partners. All the walls they've meticulously set up come crashing down in the bedroom and that is where they get their kink on! So, if you have a Virgo man or woman in your life or you have your eyes on that cutie and know he's a Virgo, here's what sex with them will be like!

1. It's All About Long-Term For Them

Virgos are generally selective of the people they let into their lives (and bedrooms). So, there is a high possibility that you'll have to wine, dine and impress them if you want to get into their pants. They are all about emotional connect, so it's likely that a hookup may just not be what they're looking for.

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2. They're Not Afraid To Show Their Kinky Side

Once you've got them to open up their world and body to you, you'll find out that they are pretty kinky. It's a side that they keep well hidden because they are so private and you'll, for sure, enjoy the fact that they have such quirks. They'll be down to experimenting and it'll just make your bedroom antics better.

3. They're All About BDSM

Virgos are secretly really into BDSM. Since they are such perfectionists and control freaks otherwise, letting up control and being submissive in the bedroom kind of gets their ball rolling. A little spanking can do them a world of good.

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4. Shower Sex Does The Trick For Them

The sign of the Virgin are HUGE cleanliness freaks. They may love dirty sex but they don't necessarily enjoy getting dirty during sex. That's why the sign loves shower sex so much. No mess, no fuss and an amazing session of intimate banging.

5. There Will Be A Lot Of Oohs And Aahs!

Since they are such perfectionists, you can bet that they'll do the sex job pretty spot on, too. They're so giving that they will make sure you aren't left high and dry. So, you can expect a lot of foreplay and multiple orgasms. Doesn't that just make your day? 

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6. Expect Random Sexts

Now that you've unleashed their freaky side, be prepared to deal with it too. Since you're the only one they can show this side they've hidden for so long, they'll want you to know them more deeply. So expect random sexts or for them to pull you aside in a party for a quickie. Now you doesn't want a good boy who is naughty only for you?

7. Setting Is The Key For Them

To appeal to their softer, more romantic side, make the setting perfect. They love the whole OTT display of love (in private, though), so whip out those scented candles, the soft bedsheets and your favourite movie and see the shy man tranform into the lover he was always meant to be!

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