#BeatPeBooty: The Real Reason Why You Have Hair On Your Buns

#BeatPeBooty: The Real Reason Why You Have Hair On Your Buns

I remember this one time my girlfriends and I were hanging out on my terrace. We were casually talking about boyfriends, college drama and travel wishlists. After some time, the conversation weirdly shifted to body hair. From boobs to back to stomach, we discussed them all. It was only the butt part that made everyone feel awkward. Back then, we were probably too embarrassed and self-conscious to talk about our peaches. Today, things have changed for the better. At least, I have gotten a little comfortable in my own skin. If you have questions about your butt blanket, you've got to read on!

What's Its Purpose?

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Do you know why you have brows and lashes? They're not just randomly there. They protect your eyes from dust and bacteria. The same goes for the hair around and in between your butt cheeks. It prevents chaffing between your buns while you run, walk and play. Plus, it also traps a unique scent that helps to attract mates (Caveman logic!).

Fun Fact: Everyone has a unique scent down there. That means, there's no one on this planet who smells like YOU!

Guess What? We All Have It!

And you thought you were the only one who had hair on your butt! In fact, as soon as you hit puberty, your hair starts to grow in all sorts of random places around your body. On some peaches, the growth is fine. Others have it thick and long. Nevertheless, we all have it. Make peace with this fact and move on!

How To Get Rid Of Butt Hair?

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My question to you is, why get rid of it? If it doesn't bother or harm you, why touch it? To hell with society and their norms. Accept your body and let your hair grow the way it wants to.

Then again, if you fancy a hairless bottom - shaving and waxing are your two options. Removing the hair on your buttcheeks won't cause you much pain, but around the hole may sting a bit.

While shaving, make sure that the area is clean and wet. Use mild soap and gently shave the area with small strokes. After shaving, wash the area with lukewarm water and apply cold cream around and about. You're good to go after!

A Brazilian wax usually includes removing butt hair but you can double check with your aesthetician before you start.

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