20 Weird Facts About Sex That Will Totally Blow Your Mind!

20 Weird Facts About Sex That Will Totally Blow Your Mind!

Sex is super weird, thanks to the fact that it involves two human bodies and the truth is, human bodies are really unpredictable. Since sex has so many myths surrounding it, it's all the more important that we know the truth behind these myths. So we're here with 20 weird sex facts that will blow your mind!

1. Men have a G-Spot too! 

Yeah, we were surprised too! Their prostate is extremely sensitive and can to be stimulated for pleasure. It's located right under the bladder. So girls, get exploring!

2. Women think about sex a lot!

Women have desires too and it's time this was acknowledged. According to surveys, women have expressed that they would like to have sex at least thrice a week.  

2 weird sex facts

3. An average penis is 5.5 inches when erect.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, an average erect penis is 5.57 inches, to be exact. Of course, like every other rule, there are exceptions to this too!

4. Semen can fight depression.

Semen contains chemicals that help with depression as it contains cortisol, according to the State University of New York study. Cortisol helps increase feelings of affection and elevates mood. A reason to swallow, probably?

5. The female orgasm lasts longer than male orgasm.

While a male orgasm lasts for six seconds, female orgasm lasts for almost 3 times longer than that - for 20 seconds.

6. Men can fake it too!

They've called dibs on one thing that was ours! JK! Turns out men, almost 30% of them, have been faking it too, (Time Out New York's 2014 study found.) 

6 weird sex facts

7. Socks can help with your Big O!

If you're not able to have an orgasm, try wearing socks in bed! While your partner's moves can be responsible for this, it is possible that it could be because of your cold feet. Yes, it is said that cold feet make it difficult to orgasm.

8. Humans are the only mammals to have swollen boobs!

Yes, you read that right! We're the only mammals that have 'swollen' breasts all the time. The rest of the mammals only have them when they are nursing.

9. Only 20 per cent of women can orgasm through vaginal stimulation.

Over 40 per cent women have confessed that they need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. So find the clit, guys! Its importance can be stressed enough.

10. The hormones released during sex makes it hard to pee.

Ever noticed how you need to pee right after sex but find it difficult? Well, when you orgasm, your body releases an antidiuretic hormone making it hard to go. But don't hold it in for too long, you could get an STI.

10 weird sex facts

11. Talking about sex makes it better.

People who are more comfortable with talking about sex just have better sex lives. Makes sense, no?

12. Female orgasms make it easier to get pregnant.

During a female orgasm, there is a rhythmic pulsating motion of the vagina. This helps push the sperm into the cervix making it easier to get pregnant.

13. Women are most likely to cheat when they are ovulating.

Maybe they can't help it when the egg is just there, waiting to be fertilised and their man is doing nothing about it. Not that it isn't wrong. 

14. Adults are more likely to tell lies in bed...

... than anywhere else. Whoa whoa! Maybe it has something to do with 'yes baby, I came and it was the best sex of life'!

14 weird sex facts

15. Heavier men have more sexual endurance.

Various studies have found that men who are overweight last three times longer than the thin ones. Six packs don't guarantee anything, girl!

16. Sex actually increases your pain threshold.

Especially in women. Due to the various feel-good hormones, like endorphins, that are released during sex.

17. Semen was used as invisible ink.

British spies actually used semen as invisible ink during World War I but stopped when they realised how bad it smelled once it was a few days old!

18. A woman's breast size can increase by 25 per cent by having sex.

During sexual intercourse, various parts of your body swell up because of increased blood supply in anticipation of an orgasm. 

18 weird sex facts 1

19. Your inner nose swells during sex too! 

It's not only your genitals or breasts that swell up but your inner part of your nose as well! That's a weird part of the body, isn't it?

20. Women may experience orgasm during giving birth!

Oxytocin is released in large quantities during childbirth - the same hormone that is responsible for orgasm. Add to that the contractions of the uterine walls and we've got ourselves an orgasm. Maybe something good will come out of childbirth - apart from a child!

How many of these did you know?

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