50 Easy Ways To Make Your Bestie Smile After She's Had A Bad Break-Up!

50 Easy Ways To Make Your Bestie Smile After She's Had A Bad Break-Up!

Break-ups can be very devastating. It feels like the end of the world, doesn't it? We end up crying all the time and we see no ray of hope. It doesn’t matter what stage of the relationship you’re at or whether it’s your first break-up or your fifth, ending it with someone never gets easier. You're so used to your partner that if, and when, they walk away, you don't know how to fill the void. Everything reminds you of them and you find it difficult to mend your broken heart.

The only people who can pull you out of the stress and agony are your friends, right? So, if your friend has had a break-up recently, you're the only one who can heal her. And in case you're wondering what can you do you make her feel better, here are some ways in which you can put a smile on her face. Read on!

1. Be There For Her

She's heartbroken and needs someone by her side. Sometimes, your presence is all she needs to feel better. Stick around so that she doesn't feel lonely. And there's nothing a tight hug can't fix. Give her bear hugs and she'll know that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes, all you need is a warm hug from someone you know cares for you and will stand by you through thick and thin. Give her that comfort and she'll feel better.

2. Make Her A Card Or A DIY Gift

Handmade cards are one of the cutest things you can make for a friend. Write nice things in it to lift up her mood. You can make her a dreamcatcher too, she'll love it.

3. Help Her Vent Out

Breakups are hard to deal with. There are times people keep everything bottled up inside them and that makes them even sadder. Give your friend the comfort to rant and vent things out. Let her spill it all out so she feels lighter.

4. Remind Her Of How Strong She Is

Motivate her and tell her that she's a strong and independent woman who doesn't need a man around her all the time to keep her happy. Make her realise her self-worth so she feels confident about herself again.

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5. Get Her Ice Cream And Binge-Watch TV Shows

There's nothing a big tub of ice cream can't fix. Let her drown her sorrow and pain in the mint chocolate chip ice cream as you guys binge watch her favourite TV shows. It'll work wonders.

6. Take Her To A Pet Store

Let the four-legged furry ones take charge. A day out with pets is just what she needs to get her smile back.

7. Nothing Works Like Retail Therapy 

Be it adding random things to your cart sitting in the comfort of your house or going to the mall and coming out with uncountable shopping bags, it is very liberating. This'll add happiness to her life and new clothes in her closet.

8. Plan A Day Out

A picnic where she can soak in the sun is a great way to divert her mind and cheer her up. All she needs are those ham and cheese sandwiches, a sunscreen and her pair of shades to feel better. Also, capture that smile with a Polaroid camera.

9. Take Her Out For Dinner

It's wine and dine time! Be her date. Get her all dressed up, let her put on the perfect dress and the shade of red lipstick that she completely adores. Take her out for a dinner to her favourite place.

10. Watch Her Favourite Movies Together

Get the popcorn and soda ready because it's movie time! Better yet, get some hot chocolate and comfy cushions and watch comedy flicks that make her laugh.

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11. Plan A Vacation

How about a weekend getaway to get away from the mundane city life and routine. Take her to a new city so she meets new people and is far, far away from his memories.

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12. Order In Pizzas

Pizzas don't go to the stomach, they go straight to the heart. Order some super cheesy pizzas and forget about all the other things around you. Let pizza be your bae.

13. Make Her A Refreshing Cup Of Peppermint Tea

There's no right time to have tea. Every time is chai time. Make her a refreshing cup of peppermint or lavender tea in this uber cool mug by POPxo that will make her feel so relieved.

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14. Cupcakes And Doughnuts To The Rescue

Get her cupcakes and doughnuts. She's missing sweetness in her life as she feels everything and everyone around her is bitter. Add a spoonful of sugar or more to her life to make her smile.

15. Send Her For A Blind Date

She needs to dress up, look sassy and channel her inner diva to regain her confidence and get over her ex. Send her for a blind date with someone you know can strike a good conversation and make her feel good about herself.

16. Send Her Memes To Make Her Laugh

Flood her inbox with as many funny memes as you can. Leave her with no time to dwell about the past and feel upset. Cheer her up by tagging her in funny posts. 

17. Gift Her A Book

Books have the ability to transport you to a fantasyland by sitting in one place itself. Gift her books by her favourite authors and let her escape from reality until she heals.

18. Organise A Slumber Party

Invite all your girls over, put on your cutest PJs and let the slumber party begin. The gossip sessions need to take over and make her forget about her heartbreak.

19. Book Her A Spa Treatment

Let the body massage rejuvenate her body and clear her mind. A spa voucher is a perfect gift for her right now. It'll relax her mind, body and soul. 

20. Take Her For A Concert

If any of her favourite rockstars are in town at the moment, or their a gig happening around you, take her for it. Because sometimes getting lost in some music feels amazing.

Bff Breakup 20

21. Take Her Out For A Walk In The Park

A morning walk can be very liberating. Let her breathe in some fresh air and breathe out all the toxins. Also, she'll be surrounded by people walking around with pets. Isn't that amazing?

22. Catharsis

Catharsis is the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions. Get her a punching bag. Let her vent out all her anger and feel lighter. She needs a way to get it all out. Sometimes, it's hard to express in words. Let her punches do the talking.

23. Burn Leftover Cards And Pictures

Anniversary or birthday cards from the ex, are the cutest things while you're dating but they haunt you once it's over. And well, old photos are even more torturous. Burn them all, that'll help shed a lot of weight off her shoulders.

24. Never Bring Up Their Past

Even when you're kidding around with her, make sure to not quote anything that her ex said or something that he used to do. Post break-up, one is very fragile. Slightest of triggers can hurt. 

25. Go Clubbing

How about getting drunk, dancing to loud music and remembering nothing the next day? Sometimes, escaping the situation is a good relief. Even if it's only for a night - shots, shots, shots!

26. Book Her A Salon Appointment

A day at the salon can give her some time to pamper herself and of course, feel good about herself. Manicure, pedicure and hair spa can make her day. Book her a parlour appointment and let her enjoy it to the fullest.

27. Send Her Cute Texts

Send her cute texts to tell her she’s amazing. Tell her about all the things you love about her and how you're always there for her. Tell her how important she is to you and you'd always walk an extra mile to make her smile.

28. Bake A Cake Together

Baking together can be a lot of fun. Also, they say baking has a therapeutic effect. When you measure and mixing ingredients together, you end up paying attention to nothing else but your dough.

29. Make Her Watch Funny Videos

Sometimes a little laughter can help put aside the pain and sorrow for at least some time. Also, it'll divert her mind off the break-up and make her happy.

30. Give Her A Reality Check

Sometimes you have to take charge. Wake her up and shake her. Tell her to stop sulking and pondering over the past. She must live in the present and think about things she can possibly do in near future.

Bff Breakup 30

31. Diss The Ex

Let her know that you never liked him and you're happy that she's out of the toxic relationship. Join her when she goes on a dissing her ex spree. This will make her feel good.

32. Hook Them Up With A Cute Guy

Hook her up with the cute guy she always had a little crush on. This will cheer her up and help her move on fast.

33. Don't Contradict Yourself

She's in a bad space right now. She's confused and extremely gullible. Don't confuse her further by saying things that you'd deny later. Also, don't blame her for whatever went wrong. That'll agonize her. 

34. Don't Stop Her From Drunk Dialling ONCE

She wants to confront him. She wants to yell at him and maybe abuse him on his face too. So, only for once, let her shed all her inhibitions and drunk dial him.

35. Put A Face Mask

Applying face masks can help her relax. It'll open her pores making her feel fresh. Also, it'll make her skin glow and feel smooth. That'll definitely lighten up her mood.

36. Sign Her Up On A Dating App

Let her explore her options. Make an interesting account for her on some dating apps and let her start talking to new people. 

37. Revenge Body Time

Hit the gym! She needs to exercise and focus on herself. It's her time now! Let her work towards getting more toned and releases endorphins. Let her become the best version of herself. Revenge bod, FTW!

38. Get A Haircut

They say a woman who gets a haircut is never going back to the same man again. This is the most tried and tested way of getting over someone. Just get a haircut. It'll feel like shedding deadweight and will instantly make her feel lighter.

39. Gift Her Sex Toys

Spice up her life by gifting her something unusual. Gift her a dildo or some sex toys to make her feel amazing.

40. Buy Her Sexy Lingerie 

After a break-up, most women feel low and underconfident. They feel like they weren't good enough for their partner which is why they either got dumped or the reason for the break-up. So, buy your friend some sexy lingerie that makes them feel good about their body and themselves. 

Bff Breakup 40

41. Let Her Abuse Out Loud

Let her abuse loudly in a closed room where no one can hear her or judge her. Let her vent out all her anger on the walls that wouldn't retaliate. This will make her feel lighter and unburden herself.

42. Volunteer Together

Be it at a school or with an NGO, volunteer. Spend some time with kids. Paint with them, play with them and enjoy some downtime with them. When you put a smile on someone's face, you automatically feel good. 

43. Give Her Reassurance

Tell her that there's a world of great men out there and she will find someone way hotter and better than her ex. Someone who loves her for who she is. Tell her that everything is going to be alright and things happen for a reason. She just needs to wait for her knight in shining armour.

44. Do Yoga

Yoga is a great way to find your way back to happiness. It gives you solace and the clarity of thought. Meditation can calm her restless mind. Breathe in the fresh air and breathe out all the negativity. 

45. Enjoy Some Pool Time

Grab your swimsuit and take a dip in the pool. Let the cold water make you and her feel relaxed and forget about whatever you guys are worrying about.

46. Take Her To An Adventure Park

take her on some crazy water rides or super fast rollercoasters. The adrenaline rush will make her feel happy and cheer her up.

47. Get All Her Friends To Make A Video For Her

When you're heartbroken, you want to be reminded of how special you are to other people. Get all her friends to make a video for her telling her how truly awesome she is.

48. Make Her A Gift Basket

From her favourite chocolates and cookies to a bottle of wine, make her a gift basket that will make her feel loved and special.

49. Get Her A Money Plant

Money plant energizes the house and fills it with positivity. Placing a money plant your room can reduce anxiety and stress. Get your friend one so it spreads good vibes around her.

50. Sometimes, Let Them Be!

There are times post-break-up people just want to be left alone. They want space. They don't want to be told what to do and how to do it. If your friend wants to be alone, just let her be. Once she feels better, she'll get in touch with you. 

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